How Perfico Bath Towels can be the Perfect Gift for your Child?


One of the best perks for a parenting blogger is this – you get to review baby and mom care products helping you to have a better understanding of the product via usage and then recommend it as per your experience to the fellow readers/parents.

When Perfico wanted to send the bath towels customized with names for review, I went with the names ‘Anshika’ and ‘Guarang’. Hardly a week passed, I received the courier from Perfico as promised!

Here is my review of the bath towels post 1 month of usage for Anshika.

Claims for the product as per the company:

  • Towel has generous length
  • Rich cotton, with a velvet soft touch material
  • Beautifully printed, and will look like new even after heavy use
  • Machine washable

Appearance of the product:

I received two towels – personalized towel for Anshika and animal letters for Gaurang.



The first thing you notice about the bath towel is the length – 70*150 cm – I mean it’s more than enough for kids.

Anshika’s towel is white and has her name written on it in pink with a lot of cute images like a bath tub, mirror, dressing table etc printed on a special border located at the bottom.

Gaurang’s towel is white colored, has his name printed with each letter depicted with  cartoon of animals like giraffe, crocodile, frog etc.

The material is cotton. Upon touching, it gives a super soft feel.


Price: 799 INR for each towel


  • Length

Previously, I had felt cheated when I get the bath towels in hand with length much lesser than what was shown in many online stores. But the bath towel from Perfico is generous in length – can be used by adults as well.

  • Texture


I love the texture of this towel – so does Anshika. Of all the bath towels, Perfico is her favorite – thanks to the super rich cotton material.

  • Machine washable

I was really hesitant to wash the towel in the washing machine in spite of the company claims of ‘machine washable’.

But to my surprise the towel retains the prints, freshness, rich and soft feel with texture even after the machine wash.

  • Absorbs the water well

The water absorption power of the bath towel is good.



My experience of using the personalized bath towel by Perfico:


I loved the fact that every claim regarding the product by perfico stands correct. Right from the length, texture to the fresh and new look post heavy usage – I am all praise for these bath towels from Perfico.

Anshika gleams with pride whenever she comes out of the bathroom bathed, draped in the towel with her name written on it. Since the material is so comfy and cozy, these days she uses it as her mini blanket too 😛

Would I recommend it to you?

Definitely yes!

If you want your kids to have a fun bath time with customized hand towels, bath towels, Perfico is the perfect choice for you.

If you are hunting for personalized birthday return gifts, gift for girls, gift for boys look no further – you can choose these towels and many more gifting options from this store.

My rating: 5 out of 5


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