Paper Plate Reindeer DIY for this Christmas


Today I present to you the paper plate reindeer DIY your child can make with your guidance.

Gearing up for the upcoming Christmas season?  Planning homemade Christmas crafts and DIYs?

paper plate reindeer diy

Christmas themed crafts, ornaments, activities are fun way of enjoying with your little ones. The festive season is here and it’s time to prepare Christmas props with kids.

Reindeers are the species located in the arctic region of the world. Reindeer is a popular deer during Christmas season. It is believed that Santa’s imaginary reindeer helps to pull up the sleighs helping Santa to deliver the Christmas gifts.

We all have grew up with and are familiar with the animated stories, films of Santa and his reindeer, this is what comes to our mind when we think of Christmas season.

It is believed that Rudolph (the Red Nose Reindeer) is the most common and popular symbol during Christmas.

As the story goes during foggy Christmas evening Santa was worried whether he wouldn’t be able to deliver the gifts that night, but with the help of Rudolf and his glowing red nose by leading the sleigh Santa was able to deliver the gifts through storm and foggy weather.

For all of us Rudolph and his Red Nose animated film will be special to get into the spirit of Christmas. Do check out the 10 best Christmas movies for kids.

Today I bring you the Santa imaginary flying paper plate reindeer craft with your little ones’ hands. This is one of my favorite crafts a great way to capture your little ones hand prints.

Step by step paper plate Reindeer DIY:

Paper reindeer is fun to make. This diy reindeer kids craft is simple, easy and quick. Take out those paper plates and make something fun this Christmas. I have made this reindeer using this plate, my kiddo was happier when I had them hanged in his room.

Things required:

paper plate reindeer diy

  • Paper plate – 1
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic color, crayons, sketch pens or marker – Any of them can be used for the coloring.
  • Glue
  • Craft paper preferably brown color


Paint the paper plate with brown color set it aside to dry for a couple of hours.

paper plate reindeer diy

Let’s make the antlers, trace your kiddos left and right hand in one of the craft papers and cut it out.

paper plate reindeer diy paper plate reindeer diy

In another craft paper I drew the ears for the reindeer and cut it out and glued on both the sides.

paper plate reindeer diy

Draw the eyes and nose and mouth using pencil. You can even cut out the shapes of the eyes.

Just give the outline of the eyes using black color. Color the nose giving them color red.

Draw the mouth using black crayon/sketch pen /marker.

Just make a hole on both the sides and tie a thread the mask is all ready for your kiddo to play with. Pick a place in your home stick where the reindeer can be hung or displayed.

paper plate reindeer diy paper plate reindeer diy

The reindeer came out so cute.

This reindeer craft for kids is pretty easy to follow and does not require any other things.

Involve your kiddo during the activity I am sure they will love it when it comes to the coloring part.

Do try this craft activity of paper plate reindeer DIY this festive season and let me know in comments how it turned out.

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  1. its very easy to prepare by kids thanks for innovative paper plate activity Geetu.My 4 years old daughter like to do it 🙂

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