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I had always trusted Pampers when it comes to the diapers for my daughter since she was a newborn. Now that she is older, the usage of diapers have drastically reduced, but I make sure that I have a packet handy at all times.

I was quite happy with the current diaper I am using, but when I heard about the recent launch of Pampers with the World’s first 3x channel technology, I couldn’t wait to try that for my kid.

Today I bring to you the review of new Pamper Baby Care diapers. Let’s see how it fared on my daughter.

I have always been a loyal customer of Pampers, so I was looking forward to know the efficiency of the 3x absorb channel technology.

Appearance and packaging:

I bought the pampers pant in XXL size for weight of 15-25 kg.  The package has 22 pants in it. There is an image of a girl along with her mom on the fluorescent blue package with the ‘extra absorb channels’ imprinted on the top right corner.

The Company Claims:

The super thin diaper offers 3 times fast absorbing layers whisking the liquid away from baby’s bottom. Maximizes baby comfort due to the unique Three Channel Technology.

My experience of using Pampers Pants with 3x absorbent technology

Every Saturday my daughter goes to her dad’s office for a weekly visit. A lot of travelling, running and playing with her friends followed by visit to her favorite park and food joint – that’s how the routine on Saturdays are like.

I decided to try the new Pampers Baby Care diapers and here is my experience.

The bag for her was made ready with snacks, water, toys and extra pairs of diaper pants and dresses.

I put on the Pampers Baby Dry pants for my daughter at around 10 am just before they were to leave. Usually she uses the washroom facility available at office, but when she gets into the playing mode with her friends, like any other kid she often forgets to take pee breaks.

I had asked my husband to change her diaper every 3-4 hours and to check for diaper rashes if any.

I get a call from the dear husband at 1.30pm that they have planned a team outing post lunch and my daughter was busy drawing with her friends. I asked him whether she felt uncomfortable due to saggy diaper and whether it was changed, he said there was no need as it was perfectly dry and light. She is so comfortable in her new diaper and active too – he claimed.

The dad-daughter duo came back home by 8.30am and I was already worried about the diaper rashes as it was more than 9hours already. She was already asleep and before tucking her to bed, I made sure I changed her diaper. I was amazed how dry it was from the inside too!

No signs of wetness even in the inner layering either though I expected a saggy heavy diaper. No diaper marks or rashes on legs, waist or the diaper area – I must say, I was quite impressed about the efficiency of Pampers Baby Pant diapers with the 3x technology.


  • No itchy cuffs
  • Light and non-saggy even after 8-9 hours of peeing as the wetness is distributed evenly distributed due to the 3 times fast absorbing layers
  • No leakage of urine
  • The wetness and humidity is kept away from the skin due to the breathable material with micro pores
  • No rashes due to the presence of baby lotion
  • Comfortable waist cuff
  • Economical
  • Easily available in online and offline stores

CONS: Can’t think of any.

Will I recommend Pampers Baby Dry Pants diaper with the 3 channel technology?

Definitely yes! If you are looking for the utmost comfort and happy diaper times for your baby devoid of rashes and sagginess, pampers diaper pants with 3x technology is a must buy.

My rating : 5 out of 5


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