Nalangu Maavu: Homemade Herbal Bath Powder for Moms and Toddlers


Have you heard of nalangu maavu herbal bath powder?

What are the benefits of this herbal bath powder and how to prepare it?

What are the benefits of this kuliyal podi and how to prepare it?

Are you planning to replace your cleansing bar with a herbal product?

Before the chemical laden soaps and shower gels found permanent place in our bathrooms, there was a time when people used to cleanse themselves with only homemade bath powders made with natural ingredients.

The use of a powder in place of your lather rich fragrance filled soap can seem weird to at least some people, but believe me a good lather and captivating fragrance are not enough to clean and rejuvenate the skin.

For healthy skin your bath powder or soap should contain ingredients that are really good for the skin. It should contain ingredients which can cure common problems like acne, dry skin, unwanted body hair, body odor, skin diseases etc. without loading your skin with unwanted harmful chemicals.

Through today’s post, I am sharing the recipe of one such herbal bath powder that I have been using for years – Nalangu maavu.

nalangu maavu

Why I don’t prefer commercially made bathing bars?

While the soaps we get in the market claims to deal with all our skin problems often we are not happy with the results. Some cleaning bars make our skin extremely dry and some can cause allergies and even darken skin.

Even if your soap is the best in the market and you are satisfied with it, just take a closer look at the ingredients used in the commercially manufactured soaps. The long list of chemicals listed as the ingredients is enough to make you think twice before touching that chemical bar during your shower.

One of the ingredients of most of the soaps is caustic soda, which is used to remove the paint on the surface of metals. Surprised? Yes, daily you may be scrubbing your skin with a paint remover!! This caustic soda or ley is enough to take away the natural properties of your skin.

The dry skin you are struggling with may be the result of the constant use of bathing bars that can ripe off the natural oil in your skin and leave it dry.

Again soaps we usually use have a high pH value that can wash away the protecting layer on our skin that fights against microorganisms. Also, the so-called antibacterial soaps can destroy the useful microorganisms on our skin making our skin more disease prone.

It is a fact that the enchanting fragrance that the best of the commercial soaps leaves in your body after your shower doesn’t help you seduces people as they project in their ads. Instead, the chemicals and artificial substances used to produce the appealing smell may attract a list of skin problems in the long run.

So in effect, you are treating the largest organ in your body in all the wrong ways. What you thing as pampering is nothing but torture for the skin.

What is the alternative to commercially made soap bars?

Turn to nature. Simple!!

Whole green gram, turmeric, vettiver etc. in powdered form were used regularly by our ancestors as bath powder or body scrubber before this soap came into the picture. Now also many of us use them as a part of our beauty regime but not as an alternative to soap bars.

Those who have used natural ingredients to fight acne or skin disease must have experienced how effective they are. With amazing results guaranteed I am sure you can throw away all those chemical bars in your washroom and replace it with a homemade herbal bath powder.

Nalangu maavu is one such herbal bath powder that has been used from ancient times in South India especially in Tamil Nadu. This herbal bathing powder is full of natural products that are easily available in the market.

Nalangu maavu can be used as an herbal body wash or a face wash. It can be used as a scrub as well as an exfoliator. If used regularly, it helps to get rid of facial hair. For upper lips facial hair reduction also this herbal mix is best. You can use it instead of your soap or body cleanser.

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What makes nalangu maavu herbal bath powder so special? – Benefits of nalangu maavu

The use of natural ingredients is what makes nalangu maavu special. No chemicals or artificial fragrance is used and the preparation process is very simple.

Before we proceed to see how to prepare this herbal shower powder, let us first see what the ingredients are and how they can help your skin to stay healthy and young.

Ingredients in nalangu maavu with benefits:

nalangu maavu

Below are the ingredients used in traditional nalangu maavu herbal bath powder.

 #1. Whole green gram or cherupayar

Green gram alone or as an ingredient along with other natural items have been used as body cleanser for so long. The regular use of green gram improves skin texture and gives good complexion. It can help reduce tan and also reduce facial hair.

#2. Aavarampoo or aavaram senna

Senna auriculata or aavarampoo commonly known as matura tea tree or ranawara or avaram is also a main ingredient in this herbal mixture.

Dried Avaram Senna flower helps to reduce skin diseases. It can be used as a face pack too and can prevents black spots, uneven skintone and skin blemishes. Regular use also improves skin complexion and reduces body odor.

#3. Rose petals 

The rose in pink color used for making rose water is used in nalangu maavu.

Rose petals contain sugar in it that is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. It can also act as an excellent skin toner. Rose petals have cooling properties and so can soothe your skin.

#4. Mint leaves or pudina

Mint leaves have anti-inflammatory property. It acts as a cleaning agent for our body. Salicylic acid present in mint fights acne and the vitamin A present controls oiliness of the skin.

#5. Cucumber seeds

Cucumber seeds are good to deal with problems like sunburn, dry skin, tanning, wrinkles etc. Rich in antioxidants cucumber helps to revitalize the skin and maintain a natural glow.

#6. Kasthuri manjal or wild turmeric

It helps to remove the unwanted hair from body and face. Kasthuri manjal can help improve complexion. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is good for skin diseases and also helps reduce acne.

#7. Vettiver or khus

This grass is a cooling agent and has a nice aroma. It is also good for fighting acne.

#8. Poolan kilangu or white turmeric

White turmeric is different from our regular turmeric. It is good for skin and imparts a good fragrance.

#9. Neem leaves or Indian Lilac

Neem has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps prevents skin acne or blemishes and also is good for various skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Neem leaves have Vitamin E that is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Regular use of neem in skin care can give your skin that youthful glow and help reduce dryness.

So these are the ingredients in nalangu maavu. Each of the ingredients has immense antibacterial and medicinal properties that the final product, the nalangu maavu, can give you the best results without a doubt.

This herbal powder brings a glow to your skin and leaves a natural aroma of cool herbs after a bath. Its cooling properties keep your skin cool and moisturized throughout the day. Due to the medicinal properties of the ingredients used in this herbal bath powder, you need not worry about skin diseases once you start using it regularly. This herbal bath powder will not rip off your skins natural oil instead it will preserve it and make it healthier.

How to prepare nalangu maavu herbal bath powder?

You can get aavarampoo, rose petals, poolan kilangu, vetti veru in Ayurvedic medicines stores or nattu marunthu kadai. Kasthuri manjal can be bought in powder form and added to the nalangu maavu powder or can be powdered at home itself.

To make nalangu maavu the ratio of ingredients goes like this –

  • 3 parts each of green gram, aavarampoo and rose petals
  • 2 parts each of pudina, cucumber seeds and kasturi manjal
  • 1 part each of khus, white turmeric and neem leaves

That is using the ingredients in the ratio 3:2:1.

For example, if I have to make a small batch of nalangu maavu at home, I would take,

  • 3 tablespoon each of whole green gram, aavarampoo and rose petals
  • 2 tablespoon each of pudina, cucumber seeds and kasturi manjal
  • 1 tablespoon each of khus, white turmeric and neem leaves

Now let us see how to prepare the herbal bath powder.

Firstly dry all the ingredients in a room till it is well dried. Sun dry well for one hour before you mill these ingredients. The ingredients should be completely moisture free and crisp before you powder them. Keep it in airtight containers once it is powdered.


  • You can add almond powder to this mix, it is completely optional.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients you can avoid it while preparing nalangu maavu.
  • You can make a huge batch of this herbal powder and store it for up to a year. I usually prepare nalangu maavu in large quantity and store it in airtight containers and use it for a year.
  • You can transfer a small quantity of it to a container /bottle for daily use and keep the rest airtight in another container.
  • Try to make it during summer, as it will ensure thorough drying of the ingredients.
  • If you powder it using a mixer at home make sure the jar is washed well and dried completely as it shouldn’t have even a tinge of spiciness and moisture. Spiciness can irritate the skin and moisture can spoil the powder.
  • If you are making it in large quantities you can depend on a grinding mill to get this powdered. But make sure it is grounded in a grinder only for flour.

If it’s difficult for you to get the right ingredients or if don’t have time to make this herbal powder mix, don’t worry. We do have 100% homemade nalangu maavu herbal bath powder ready for your use. Just order it from our online shop by clicking here: Nalangu Maavu Herbal Bath Powder.


Homemade herbal products like Herbal Hairwash Powder and Herbal Anti Acne Face Pack  are also available in our online store.

Who can use nalangu maavu bath powder?

Everyone in the family and kids above 3 years can use Nalangu maavu herbal bath powder.

How to use nalangu maavu herbal bath powder?

I have been using this nalangu maavu bath powder for almost 8 years now. I use it as my face wash too.

Before using this powder please do a patch test to make sure the ingredients are not causing any allergy to your skin. Allergy to the product is rare but better be safe than sorry.

To use as a daily bath powder:

Take the required amount of nalangu maavu and mix some water in it to make a paste. Apply it all over the body and leave for 5 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Or you can even use it as a dry scrub by simply scrubbing the skin with nalangu maavu and then washing it off with water. 

To use it as a face wash:

Make a paste of nalangu maavu with water. But if you have dry skin you can add curd or milk fat for better results.For normal skin water or curd or honey can be added. If you add honey drops to this herbal face wash it is good for oily skin.

So this was the traditional nalangu maavu herbal bath powder recipe. If used regularly it you can definitely see the difference. It is high time you say bye bye to your chemical bar and opt for herbal products to keep skin diseases at bay. Do try this herbal bath powder and treat your skin the way it deserves.

Do you use herbal bath powders?

Do you use a traditional herbal mix recipe for skin care?If yes, do share with us the recipe and benefits.

Also feel free to give your suggestions and feedbacks in comments about this nalangu maavu for kids and moms. I will be very happy to clear any of your doubts related to this article.

Hope you liked this article on how to make nalangu maavu herbal body wash. Share with me in comments which body cleanser you use.


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    Can this powder be used for boy babies since turmeric is used. If not, please tell me bathing powder for babies above 1 year for both body and hair wash. I do not prefer using shampoos for my 15 months old son during oil bath. Thanks.

    • Sudha,

      Yes nalangu maavu is used by many moms for their babies. We do not recommend it though as the skin of babies are delicate and these natural powders might cause rashes or allergies in babies.

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