Meena’s Daughter Nainika


This week’s celebrity kid is South Indian actress Meena’s baby Nainika.

Meena is an established actress in the world of tamil, telugu , kannada and several hindi movies as well. She is an amazing actress and has carved her own place especially in Tollywood.

I had seen an amazing malayalam movie “Drishyam ” recently where Meena played a very important role. Will review this movie sometime later.

Ok coming back to Nainika ,she was born on 1st January 2011. The annaprashan ceremony of Nainika was held at Guruvayur temple.Nainika means “pretty eyes ” and “pupil of the eye”. I loved the name Nainika 🙂

Dont you think she is a second Meena ? Chubby choo chweet Nainika. Well we wish to have this baby grow up and become an actress too , just like her momma 🙂

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