Little Charms To Make Your Little One Feel Special


Just rewind those beautiful childhood days of yours.

Remember those small fights for toys and other stuffs that you used to have with your siblings? And that epic dialogue that puts an end to every such fights – “ Is your name written on that toy? If not you don’t own it” Whoever first delivers this punch dialogue wins the fight!!! 🙂

A regular loser in such fights, I always used to fantasize a room full of my stuffs with my name written on them, with full ownership to me….funny childhood days….Just miss those days.

As a grown up and mother to one naughty pie, I  still love that idea of  adding one’s name to gifts and lovely things to make them unique and more special. Don’t you think such a gift is extra special for a child? Definitely yes.

To make that love of gifting special and unique, today we bring to you Little Charms!

little charms

  • What is Little Charms?

Little Charms is an online gifting store for kids aged 0-12 years. The venture is the brain child of Roshni Baronia who wanted to create a unique platform where a parent can find customized solutions to their gifting needs.

  • There are many online gifting stores. What is one peculiar feature of Little Charms?

Little Charms offers FREE personalization to all their products.

If your son is crazy for cars, how cute a idea it is to gift him a car themed pillow with words “Car Crazy Nandu”. Little Charms will do free personalization of this kind and make it happen for you.

Also it is affordable and most of the gifts are one that can be used on a every day basis. Isn’t it a better idea to gift something that is useful than a gift piece that is just a display in your showcase?

  • What are the gift products offered by Little Charms?

Little Charms offers a wide range of gifting products in the form of birthday return gifts, bags and stationary, bath linens, gift hampers, cushions, room decors, photo albums and much more.

  • What are your top picks from Little Charms?

Little Charms has a good collection of kids goodies that are really useful and affordable.

Here are my top 5 picks from Little Charms.

Mermaid hair clip organizer, cute crown face towels, flower and butterfly cushions, nana nani spectacle case and princess photo albums.

  • Is it only for kids?

Nope.  Its for grannies and grandpas too.

Old age is a second childhood and to make it feel special why not buy  personalized gifts for the grandpas and grannies. How loving and bonding it would be if your son gifts your mother with a spectacle case with words         “world’s best nanni” written on them 🙂

Little Charms has Nanna nanni spectacle case and cushions for this.

  • How can I order a gift online with Little Charms?

little charms

Choose the gift you want. Fill up the personalization details, add to cart, pay and buy. Buying a personalized gift from Little charms is as simple as that 🙂

  • How is shipping and return policy of ordered products?

Since the products are custom-made , it does take 2-3 weeks to get it made and a minimum of 3 -5 business days for shipping of domestic orders. But the wait is worth it 🙂

Once your product is shipped you will be intimated with an e-mail notification.

They have a very customer friendly return policy, as customer satisfaction is the priority.

  • How can I connect with Little Charms?

You can visit the Little Charms to buy their products.

You can also connect via their FB pageGoogle plus page and Pinterest too.

  • Would I buy from Little Charms and recommend it?

Yes of course. I perfectly love the idea of personalized gifts. They are special.

And would also recommend it to others, especially to parents with more than one kid. No more fighting for pillows, stationary pouches and cute bags when you have your name on it. Your munchkin has her name on it, SHE OWNS IT and you love that.

Play Holi with your friends via Little Charms!! Check out the FB event by Little Charms and start playing the colorful Holi that too with your friends.

Happy Gifting!!


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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Archana Mishra on

    Hello! Am Archana. I have a 2 year old son, Arish. I got him a personalized bib and towel. Personalized items are lovely for kids! They just love them.

  2. Hi Sangeeta I’m new to ur website I was searching for first food for my 5 month old daughter thanks a lot for ur food chart I really liked it I got an idea after seeing ur food chart

    • Fariha, for a 5 month old baby you can start with vegetable purees in addition to the breast milk. Breastfeed as and when she demands. Give a new food for about 3-4 days. Check for allergies or rashes.

      Afterwards introduce another food and continue so.

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