Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads – Review


johnson's baby nappy pads

Do you remember your hubby buying the first set of baby care for baby ? I remember mine ; like any other first time dad, my hubby was confused and lost. He always sought the help of the sales executive for all the baby firsts. This product was sent by him claiming a very good one. Moreover I had asked him for hygienic and soft nappy pads for our daughter. Soon came the package I was expecting ; Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads. So today’s post is about the review of Johnson’s baby nappy pads. 🙂


Johnson’s baby nappy pads come in a blue colored packaging with pads stacked inside. The pads are wide and can be pasted onto the nappy .

PRICE : 75 INR for a packet of 10 pads.


johnson's baby nappy

Key Features

  • Soft Inner Cover
  • Super Dry System
  • Super Absorbent Layers
  • Moisture-proof Shield
  • High Quality Adhesive

Diapers are the first medium that help to toilet train your kids. Johnson’s introduces these nappy pads that provide maximum comfort and minimizes wetness.

Super Absorbent Layers

With super absorbent layers, these nappy pads allow the liquid to seep in and then lock it.

Soft Inner Cover

The soft inner cover, ensures your child complete dryness and maintains the tenderness of the skin.

Super Dry System

Wetness will not be a cause of concern as these nappy pads feature super dry system.

Moisture-Proof Shield

The moisture-proof shield gives your child a dry feel and prevents rashes.

High Quality Adhesive

Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads come with high quality adhesive and stick to the cloth to give your child a feel of ease.


  • I loved the width of the nappy pads
  • Affordable
  • Easily available in local medical stores as well as online stores like Amazon, flipkart etc


  • Poor absorption capacity
  • Doesn’t stick to the nappy because of the poor adhesive
  • Uncomfortable for the baby
  • Should be changed at regular intervals like every 1 hour which is a big pain
  • Unable to hold the weight if the baby poops , hence resulting in leakage


Extremely disappointing. The nappy pads were of no use for my daughter. It can’t even hold the weight if the baby poops causing leakage. Anshika seemed uncomfortable in these nappy pads and cried until I removed it off. I still have 1-2 packets lying at home unused , a complete wastage of money I felt.

WILL I RECOMMEND JOHNSON’S BABY NAPPY PADS ? No, never go for it until and unless you have no choice .

MY RATING  : 1 out of 5

Have you used Johnson’s baby nappy pads on your LO ? Did you like it ?


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  1. Hi

    My experience with nappy pads. This cannot replace diapers. This is somewhere in between diaper and cloth nappies. This does not have elastic etc like diaper etc.. u need not change as frequently as cloth nappies ..And no of nappies to wash in a day comes down. This cannot be used for outside, preferred only wen at home..This can be useful for ppl who feel diaper is not good for skin etc and still want to have less messy poo and pee management..This can be preferred. Is it cheaper than diapers??? I don’t think so. Avg cost of diapers would be around 11-12 ( after discoun) and nappy pads needs to be changed atleast once in 2 – 2.5 hrs. It does not have that absorbent technology of diapers..And can’t take roughly u will need atleast 12 nappy pads a day. I got this for abt 6.5 RS per pad. Whereas diaper can withstand upto 6 hrs. I generally change diapers for once in 4 hrs. So using 12 nappy pads a day for RS 6 and using 6 diapers for RS 12 is all the same.

  2. Hi dear…wanted 2 share my experience with nappy pads after reading your post….Its just the reverse that happened with me…As Manasvi had a low birth weight and comparatively less abdominal circumference we could not find a diaper that fitted her well during the first few months after her birth…Even the newborn diapers out sized her. On the previous day of her 28th day celebrations when all of us were confused on how to manage my baby the next day without diapers as she will for sure spoil everybody’s clothes, my mom who had gone for a last minute shopping came with this product…which I must tell you was a boon for us…It worked well with her the next day and we depended on this product until she was 4 months old. After that, as you said, it work for her as well…But I must tell you for all premature babies and small ones like mine, nappy pads could be of help to an extend.

    • Small correction to the last line…it did not work for her after 4 months 🙂 🙂 🙂 See the time I am poting this…..another sleepless mom ….already half asleep:P:( 🙁 😉

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