12 Types of Influential Teachers we had in terms of Hollywood Movies – a Tribute


Today I pay a tribute to all teachers we had/have, who influenced us in some way or the other so far. I have related each of them to the Hollywood movie titles.

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I left school exactly 10 years ago but the memories are as fresh as a morning daisy. These days I am almost reliving my past as I have donned the teacher’s hat.

I am equipped with the responsibility, rather the power of making a child’s life worthwhile or miserable. At this sensitive juncture, it is absolutely my decision on how I play my role.

What being a teacher means:

Now I know what it means to be in a teacher’s shoes and handle a cluster of children coming from different cultures, lifestyle, financial position and nationality. And I value this position even more because getting kids with varying levels of ability together on one platform and making them do things in sync is a mammoth task.

We call our teachers as second parents, but no, they are a higher league altogether. And they deserve all the admiration for grilling us and making us the current WE.

12 Types of teachers that we all once had/have:

Every school has a set of teachers who are well known for their distinct style and traits. No wonder every teacher is unique and special.

On this teacher’s day let us remember and pay them tribute with the below movie titles and sail into the world of nostalgia with smiles on our faces, stars in our eyes, love in our hearts and respect in our minds.

#1. Pretty Woman

Her classes aren’t missed, her smile makes you skip a heartbeat, her handwriting is copied in almost every book, her perfumes are irresistible, her lectures are great and her outfits are the talk of the school. I am sure every school has this Pretty Woman who usually teaches English and lights up the world around.

#2. Transformer

We always have one such teacher in our lives who hardly leaves stones unturned to transform us into a better person. She knows almost all the subjects and can assist you even in your extra – curricular activities. She motivates and encourages you. The first person you run to for all your worries and she has the solution to everything. We rightly call her as the Transformer.

#3. Warrior Princess

That teacher who can fight the world for the rights of her school and for her beloved students. She cannot bear injustice in any way. She can start a debate at any point of time and makes it a point to validate her views and opinions. She usually comes out with flying colours which cardinally crowns her the Warrior Princess.

#4. Sister Act

All the convent educated crowd will definitely hold a smirk by now and will remember the nuns who taught them to sit, walk, talk and be self – disciplined. The visit to the grottos, the chapels, their convent and eating the yummy preparations are just unforgettable. How I wish to go back to those beautiful days for I miss the Sister Act!!

#5. The Athlete

Physical education periods were the best only because we could be free from studies, otherwise, who loves the lousy yoga and exercises? Sometimes we were allowed to play games of our choice when our Athlete teacher was busy with inter-house or inter-school matches. What a relief those days were!!! Still we continued loving our teacher until the day when theory exams ushered in along with practicals. ☹

#6. The Social Reformer

The history of India holds a rich collection of social reformers ranging from Annie Besant, Dr. Ambedkar to Jawaharlal Nehru and Vinoba Bhave. Our schools also have such teachers who are constantly preaching, teaching and implementing reforms. They put in a lot of efforts to mould their students into strong individuals in order to make a difference to the future generation.

#7. Traveller

One teacher, who is active in all the tours and picnics, knows all directions and has commendable networking skills, is available in every school. Parents send us for long trips only because of that teacher’s assurance and presence. The professional Traveller teacher, who makes all our outings memorable!!!

#8. Hunk

This is for you girls, didn’t we all have a teacher that we drooled upon? Age is strictly never a bar. We go up frequently with our arithmetical doubts. All that we tried to do was to impress, impress, impress and repeat. Back to the present ladies, we are all married with little rascals to keep us on toes. But we can definitely reminiscence on that Hunk now. 😉

#9. Chef

The nutritionist teacher who always cared about our food habits and emphasized on the matter of healthy living. She was an excellent cook and brought simple and healthy food to promote a neat and clean lifestyle. She was popularly known as the Chef teacher with an envious figure.

#10. The Artist

The creative sculptor, potter, painter and the list is endless. The strokes, the shades and the paints did the magic and this teacher made everything come alive on paper, on canvas, on the walls or whatever she chose. The oohs, aahs and vows weren’t enough to compliment the Artist teacher.

#11. The Scientist

If you have any confusions regarding the chemical formulas, doubts with mechanisms, uncertainties with reactions, this is the teacher you go to and he is your last resort. The mnemonic he gives are the best in the world. Wish we had such teachers everywhere we go to, miss the Scientist teacher!!!

#12. Mama Mia

That teacher who has got all the traits your own mother has and whose presence makes you feel that you are under your mother’s love and care. As a matter of fact her teachings are valued even more than your mother and she understands you better than your mother.

Mamma mia, now I really know, My my, I could never let you go.             

Hope my efforts brought alive all your memories with your teachers and some long forgotten Hollywood flicks which you feel should be captured again. You can also refer to the 5 best teacher characters from movies who influenced us.

Do tell us about your favorite teachers and how they changed your life in comments below.

Happy Teachers’ Day to all the beautiful generous souls, God Bless!


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