9 Ways To Increase Fruit Intake of Your Little One


Today I bring to you the 9 ways to increase fruit intake of your little one.

Fruits benefit young children in many ways including improved nutrition, immunity and digestive system. In case you also worry that our child in not eating enough fruits, try these tips of including fruits in your child’s diet.

How to increase fruit intake of your kids?

increase fruit intake

#1. Set an example and talk to kids about fruits:

Most of the babies eat fruits as their first semi solid food. But as they grow, they start losing interest in fruits.

As parents, please do ensure that you set an example for your children. Include one fruit every day in your diet though the recommendation is at least 3 servings. Young kids imitate what they see around and they will surely follow you.

Do not force fruits on them. But do try to talk to toddlers regarding the fruits, their colors, taste and advantages. Trust me it will work wonders.

#2. Involve your child in fruit selection:

Many a times, children like to be the boss. Let them select the fruit and it is highly probable that they will show interest in finishing it as well.

#3. Serve whole fruits along with breakfast:

Ensure that fruits are always available in the house within the reach of your kids.

I suggest serving fruits before or along with breakfast. The nutrition value of breakfast increases with the inclusion of fruits.

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#4. Always sneak in a fruit in the snack box:

Children are bound to eat fruits when they are hungry. Add fruits like grapes, apples and dry fruits in the snack box for your toddlers.

You can refer to the 20 healthy on the go snacks for toddlers and kids.

#5. Juice them up:

In case, you serve juice to your little one as part of breakfast or snack , try to prepare fresh juice at home.

Most of the canned juices do not taste like real fruits juices and that’s when the kids decide to have packaged fruit juices over the home made ones.

Juicing is one of the best way to incorporate the fruits in daily diet. You can also include small amount of veggies and juice them along with fruit for boosting up the nutrition levels.  For example : orange carrot juice is an excellent combo of vegetables and fruits.

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#6. Serve dry fruits instead of biscuits and crackers:

This is applicable for toddlers. One can include almonds, walnut, raisins and apricots.

You can also refer to the homemade mixed dry fruits powder and chocolate almond powder recipes.

#7. Offer seasonal fruits:

In case, your little one don’t like banana, accept it and offer some other fruit. Keep changing the fruits based on the season.

#8. Presentation:

Many a times, cutting the fruits in a different way and change of cutlery can make a huge difference.

Try to change the way you cut the fruit. You can also use cookie cutter and plate them in a decorative manner.

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#9. Fruity recipes:

Fruits can be included as part of many recipes. For instance, you can include banana and apple in the kesari halwa and make it fruity kesari halwa.

Similarly, you can also include fruits while baking. Apple, banana, pineapple and pears are very good options for fruits that can be baked.

You can also cut fruits of your choice, spice it up with chat masala, pepper powder, salt and lemon juice to make fruit platters, fruit chats or fruity tandoors.

For babies, apple mash, banana mash and other fruit based mashes can be included as part of daily diet. You can also steam the regular apple, pear or kerala banana and serve to the kids.

Hope you liked this article on the tips to increase fruit intake of your kids. Do share in comments how you include fruits in your little one’s diet. It may be useful to many parents.


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