I Potty Trained My Son Within A Week – Here’s How


I have successfully potty trained my son within a week. It sounds great right!

Today in this article, I am going to share with you about how I potty trained my naughty toddler. I hope this article will help your kids to say goodbye to diapers, at least during daytime.

potty trained

Traditional Indian approach to potty training:

During our childhood days we were diaper free. The use of diapers actually came from West. In our Indian culture, potty training begins at a very early age before the child can even crawl.

My mother told me that when we were babies she used to hold us in her arms over a bowl or newspaper and give two different verbal cues for pee and poop. You can also refer to the ways to potty train your toddler.

Modern Indian approach to potty training:

In today’s hectic multitasking society, I know we can’t imagine a baby without diapers.

For majority of us things haven’t turned out in that old way but there are still a few parents out there who never use diapers for their babies. Hats off to those parents.

A good friend of mine trained her daughter very early from one month or so and never used diapers for her baby. I was surprised to know this.

The only disadvantage she told was her daughter won’t pee or poop without a potty seat. So she has to carry it wherever she goes out for a picnic or tour.

My way of potty training my toddler:

For me, potty training happened to be a trial and error method.

Why I am saying this was when we first tried to potty train our son when he turned one, it was totally a flop. He cried like anything whenever we put him on potty. So my hubby suggested to let him acquire the verbal communication first and maybe then we could train him.

Again around age 2 that is 1 month back, we tried and it was successful.

Remember that each baby is different on their own way and it’s not must that you have to train them around age 2.

It’s up to you to try and decide at what age your baby is ready. Most importantly parents should be ready to train them with tons of patience overloaded.

Materials I used for my 2 year old to be toilet trained:

Before commencing potty training we bought the following things.

1. Potty Chair 

potty trainers

Buy a potty chair from a shop. Just a simple one will do.

Purchase a potty according to your kid’s size. If you want, you can purchase an extra seat that can be attached over a potty.

It is very important to go for a potty in which your child should be comfortable sitting on potty with his feet down to get proper stability.

We purchased a simple dismantling potty chair with an extra seat. Personally I suggest not buying very expensive or fancy ones that are available in markets.

2. Toddler Training Pants

toilet trained

Buy cotton training pants with thick padding in the middle.

Training pants can absorb more urine in case of urine leaks. Switch them to underwear once they are fully toilet trained.

3. Toilet Paper Towels 

toilet paper

You can use tissue papers to absorb the urine on the floor and after that mop the area with a disinfectant.

I used to mop the floors every night before I go to bed.

4. Alcohol Wipes

alcohol wipes

Use alcohol wipes to sanitize your kid’s toys and play mats everyday once you start potty training.

5. Carpet and Sofa Cleaner (optional)

carpet and sofa cleaner

If your kids pee on sofa or carpet, first put some tissue paper on that area to absorb the urine.

Allow it to dry and clean the area using carpet and sofa cleaner available in super markets. They come with an attached brush.

Things to do a week before potty training:

There are a few things you need to be ready with a week before toilet training your kid. They are as follows.

  • Pretend 

We all know kids always learn from examples.

Just pretend the act of going for pee and poop on the potty chair very often in front of your kid. It seems very funny, but for some kids it really works.

  • Video

We downloaded the following video from YouTube, saved in pen drive and connected to television.

We showed this video quite regularly to him a week before potty training. He loved watching this video. Surprisingly he tried to imitate the little toddler in this video.

I recommend this video as this helped my little one to certain extend in potty training. I found this as one of the best that will help you on potty training.

How we toilet trained our little one?

What I had heard from others was that it was so messy. I do agree with it, but not as messy as you think. Maybe for first few days it will be like that.

  • Pee

In the initial 3 or 4 days we moved the potty around the house with us so that he could get to the bathroom quick. After a week we stopped doing and left the potty near the bathroom.

Believe me, once we start potty training they will drip each and every 15 minute or so, trying our patience to the peak. But please don’t be frustrated or give up, they will get trained within 5 days or so.

We were just cleaning, moping and drying at most times for the first five days.

When Rithvik pee on sofa or floor, we try to show sad faces, have him help us clean it up and have him sit on the potty again.

  • Poop

This task was very easy. By seeing his facial expressions, we easily predicted that he is going to poop.

For the first one week, we kept the potty chair on living room where he access most of the time. When he is about to poop we either bring the potty to him or make him sit on it.

For the first two days, we made him sit on potty for poop. From third day onwards, he himself sat on potty for poop.

Luckily no single poop accident till now.

When you take away the poop to flush, make sure you take your toddler along with you to bathroom.

We used to make him press the flush button and that is the best part he enjoyed.

How to maintain hygiene while potty training your toddler?

  • Keep 3 or 4 small cotton mats extra at home. Put a cotton mat then place the potty chair on it.

For boys, sometimes pee will not fall on the potty cup. You can keep changing the cotton mats when it becomes wet.

  • Once you wake up in morning fill up bucket or tub with water by adding a cap-ful dettol. Dip your toddler soiled pants in it.

Once it’s collected, by late afternoon or night-time, you can wash it together and dry it.

  • Keep washing your toddler’s hands and legs frequently.
  • Try to wipe the toys with alcohol and mop the floor daily night before you go to bed.


  1. When you start training give your full attention or else you will end up in very bad messy situations.
  2. When your baby wakes in the morning remove the diaper, clean them and wear the training pants.
  3. Each and every one hour take the child to the potty chair, remove their pants and make them sit on it.
  4. Do not use words like ‘dirty’ or show ‘yuck yuck’ faces when they poop.
  5. Trust me for the first two days, they won’t pee on that potty, maybe cries a lot. Encourage them to pee, but never force them. Each time they pee or not, just praise them.
  6. Before going to night-time sleep, make them sit on potty and put on diaper. When your toddler becomes 100 percent accident free, try slowly giving up the night-time diaper.

It will take more time. Wait until they are ready for that.

  1. Once you are almost successful with potty training, try to take them outside home for half an hour or one without diapers just to check whether they do accidents.

We used to take him outside for a walk without diapers. First day he peed on his trousers. After that incident he learnt to hold urine and never peed on his trousers.

  1. Keep them well hydrated.


Googling potty training and getting my little one potty trained was one of my routines for the past one month. Now that I mastered the potty training trick, I could share with you all. I hope this helps and good luck with your training.

Do share with your little one’s potty training experience with us. Is your son/daughter potty trained? How did you train them? Kindly share with us in comments.

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  1. Monika Choudhary on

    Very nice article and great explanation. One thing I wanted to know was how long should the toddler sit on potty?

  2. Hi..have 2.3 yrs twins..a boy and a girl..n i want to strat the potty training so I wanted to know where can I get the training pants that u showed in this post…

  3. My kid is 2.9 years..she starts crying as soon as take her to bathroom..I tried funny ways like dancing,tried to divert her towards tap ..so may b she may want to splash water but it didn’t worked….I tried taking her doll to bathroom so that she can imitate but she doesn’t want even her doll to go to washroom. I dnt know what to do…

  4. Hello Dear,

    Great details 🙂 we are potty training my daughter now and as you mentioned it needs a lot of patience as she wants to go to bathroom every 10-15 min. Thanks for the tips 🙂

    I am not able to get access to video. Can you please share link again?


  5. Hi , my baby girl is of 2.9 but she is still not ready to use toilet. She wants her diaper to poop. She never even did pee in the toilet. She does on the floor. Plz help me. I don’t have A potty yet.

    • Jayalekshmy on

      Hi gintu

      No worries ! First get a potty and try the tricks and tips what I mentioned in this article .

  6. Hi, my daughter is 23 months old now. My daughter dont want to sit on potty chair or toilet seat. whenever i make her to sit on potty chair or toilet seat. she will seat only for 4-5 sec then she will stand up or start cry. By seeing her facial expressions i easily find out that she wants to do poop at that time when i make her to sit on potty chair then she do poop little bit and then she will do poop after 2-3 min in her pants. now i dont understand what should i do to trained her

    • Jayalekshmy Velswamy on

      Hi Nancy,
      Don’t panic , do follow the tips I suggested and you can also show that video to her .each kid is different and it will take time for some kids .as I already mentioned in the article you need tons of patience .show faces when she poop in her pants and tell her “see poor Amma have to clean all these ..if you again poop in pants germs will attack you etc ..you can add few white lies to her .
      Keep trying and soon she will

  7. Aarti Khanna on

    Hi Jayalekshmy, The article was very informative. Initially I had also faced problems in giving potty training to my baby, but eventually it became easier.

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    Yet another master piece from you Jaya..
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    I did it within 3 days.. I dono how it happened till now… He is potty trained for Indian toilet (squat).. Now He is three and rarely when he has upset stomach accidents happen.. Wise potty in bathroom itself!!

  10. Hi,
    Very nice article. My daughter is 20 months old and I am in almost the same phase. Will definitely try the ways mentioned in here.

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