How to Get Rid of Dandruff in Kids?


Is dandruff in kids a reason to worry?

Does it raise a reason to worry looking at the dandruff on your kid’s t-shirt all the time?

Can dandruff be harmful? How to get rid of flaky scalp in kids?

Let us see.

how to get rid of dandruff

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a common condition of skin that is called seborrheic dermatitis, or to be more precise seborrhea that appears on the scalp.

In infants, seborrheic dermatitis of scalp is referred to as cradle cap/ Infantile Seborrheic Dermatitis and in older kids and adults it is known as dandruff.

Cradle cap usually occurs in infants of age one month to five months and is not a problem to be concerned of.

Dandruff is commonly seen once an individual reaches puberty and peaks in the teen age. It is rare among young children. Having said that, Seborrheic Dermatitis can occur any time starting from infancy until old age for many.

The dead skin cells keep shredding from all over our body and are hardly noticeable in normal cases. In case of dandruff, dead cells of skin start to shred from the scalp making the flakes visible in the hair as white or yellowish flakes. Those little pieces of dead skin that you notice on clothes, pillows and comb are dandruff.

There are certain factors like water intake/hydration, environment, temperature, poor hygiene etc. that might cause dandruff.

The excess production of skin oil is one strong reason why dandruff occurs.

Is dandruff going to harm my baby’s scalp?

Mild dandruff is not any reason to panic but can cause itching and redness. You can tackle dandruff right with home remedies if it is mild.

In case of severe itching, hair loss, persistent redness, I suggest visiting a pediatrician or an expert who might be able to tell you if it is a cradle cap (white/yellow scaly scalp), eczema, psoriasis, yeast or fungal irritation.

How to treat dandruff among kids?

There are a few ways by which you can make sure that your kid’s scalp is not affected by dandruff.

#1. Keep hydrated

Keep your child well hydrated to avoid dandruff. Read to know whether the water intake of your baby is enough or not.

#2. Separate combs and towels for kids

Use separate combs, towels, and pillows to maintain hygiene. You can also buy Nasobuddy to get rid of cradle crap.

#3. Nutritious food

Offer nutritious food. Include green leafy vegetables in his diet. Read to know how you can make your little one love and eat vegetables.

#4. Use age specific hair products

Don’t use your shampoo/oil for a child’s tender skin. Use mild shampoo or hair oil meant for the age.

You can read my review of Chicco Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo.

#5. Comb well

A good blood circulation through the scalp ensures that the scalp is healthy. Brush/Comb well so as to promote blood circulation.

#6. Oil on regular basis

A proper oiling on regular basis with the oil that is suitable for your baby minimizes emerging of dandruff. You can also read which soap and massage oils are good for babies?

#7. Shampoo regularly

Shampoo regularly with gentle massage on the scalp and rinse well. Probably a baby shampoo that is safe and formulated for their skin. Do it for at least twice in 7 days.

Ensure his hair is oily when you shampoo.

How to get rid of dandruff in kids using home remedies?

Let us also see some effective home remedies to get rid of these itchy flakes.

 #1. Curd

You may choose to massage your kid’s scalp with curd before a hair wash. It works well for treating dry scalp.

#2. Fenugreek

Fenugreek also helps to minimize dandruff problems. Methi seeds can be added to oil or curd for massaging the scalp. This also has to be done before hair wash. The application should remain for an hour.

If you kid is prone to cold or sinus, stay away from methi seeds as its cold in nature.

#3. Lemon

Abundant amount of vitamin C present in lemon helps to treat dandruff. It also soothes the scalp and reduces itching.

Lemon juice can directly be applied to non-oily hair and kept for 30 minutes before shampooing.

#4. Neem

Neem is also known well for treatment of dandruff. Neem juice can be simply mixed with coconut oil. Massage this mixture on to the scalp and wash off the next day.

#5. Baking soda

Mix baking soda with water to form a runny mixture. Massage this mixture before going for a shampoo. Take precautions to avoid baking soda entering into kids eyes or mouth.

So these are the home remedies for dandruff. Rule out which process would be feasible for your child.

Almost all these remedies could be worked upon for toddlers using a shampoo hat so that no irritation is caused due to ingredients getting in direct contact with eyes/mouth.

Important: Take necessary precautions to make sure that the ingredients used in home remedies don’t come in direct contact with eyes or mouth, as this will cause irritation for kids.

The methods listed are safe for elder children, as the formulation has been minimized considering what kids will be okay with! Please DO NOT try these for babies.

If at all you find a persistent or chronic dandruff condition that doesn’t subside following remedies at home, it will be wiser to see an expert.

How do you get rid of dandruff if it affects your kiddo? What natural ways have you adopted for your little one? Share your valuable methods with me in comments.


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  1. I use Apple vinegar for my hair every other day and I do stopped using shampoo and use soap to wash my hair, I been doing this for a year and it cleared up my dandruff problem!

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