How To Bathe Your Baby All by Yourself?


How to give bath to your baby? How to bathe your baby all by yourself?

In this post I will share the process, my experiences and tips on how to give a good and comfortable bath to your little one.

How to bathe your baby

Many mothers fear the idea of giving bath to their new born and try to get somebody else to do the job.  But if you take a few precautions and do it the correct way bath time can become the most enjoyable way to connect with your newborn.

Remember that you will improve everyday once you start. Do not expect a perfect bath from first day onwards. I learnt most of the tips from my mom and aayi (maalishwali from native).

Below I share with you a few tips on how you can give a proper bath to your baby.

Preparations before bathing your baby:

  • Select a convenient time to give bath and follow the same time everyday
  • Prepare yourself first. Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing. Do take off items such as finger rings, watches etc. which may be obstructions in the whole process
  • If you are planning to give an oil massage to the baby before bath do that first. Read how to give oil massage to your baby on your own.

What are the bath essentials to be kept ready before giving bath to your baby?

You don’t need too many things to give a comfortable bath for your baby.  See the checklist below to know what all you should keep ready while giving your baby a bath.

  • Tub / Baby Bather / Baby bath seat

Select a good baby tub based on the age of the baby. For newborns, freestanding plastic tubs are a good option. Always consider the safety aspects while buying a tub.

  • Water

Keep water ready in a bucket. You will also need a mug.

Always dip your hand /elbow and check the water temperature. Water should not be very hot / very cold. Ideally give bath using lukewarm water.

Do not fill too much of water in one bucket. In case you are using the tub, fill water up to only 3 to 4 inches. If you plan to use more water, fill it in a separate bucket.

  • A good quality mild soap or liquid baby cleanser and baby shampoo
  • Baby bath toys (optional)

The toys can be used to distract the baby. If you are giving bath all alone, use them once you have perfected the process, else it will be too many things to manage for you.

  • A bath towel
  • Changing mat
  • A change of clothes

How to give a proper bath to your baby?

Before you start giving a bath do keep in mind that babies less than 5 months generally cry while they are given a bath. So don’t get stressed if your baby’s reaction is not as you expected.

In most of the TV advertisements, babies are shown smiling and enjoying the bath. The reality can be a little different. It depends on baby’s moods and nature. Some babies love water right away but some do not. So be prepared for some tears.

Step by step guide to bathe your baby:

  • Once you are ready with all the bath essentials and are done with oil massaging (if you are giving one) you can slowly ease the undressed baby into the bathtub.
  • Use one hand to support baby’s head and neck. Other hand should be used to fetch water, apply soap etc. In case you find this difficult, ask for help or use a baby bather.
  • While giving bath do keep baby’s head a little high and try to avoid water getting inside nose, mouth and ears.
  • Pour water on baby’s head and body.
  • Gently apply the soap, body wash liquid or cleanser and massage. Start with head and move slowly to rest of the body.

For face, one can use a soft wet napkin (free from soap) as well. For genitals, do not try to do extra thorough cleansing. Just the regular wash will be okay.

Do not try to apply soap all over in one go. Always use a very little soap (less than a dime).

  • While giving a head bath to the baby, pour the water (using the mug / pitcher) in such a way that it flows from head toward the back. Most of the babies fear water coming directly on the face.
  • After applying the soap or cleanser, rinse the baby well with clean water. Make sure we wash off the all the soap/cleanser out of baby’s body.
  • After bath take the baby out of the tub. Cover the baby in towel and pat the baby dry.
  • Dress the baby gently. You can apply moisturizer or baby creams you use before dressing the baby.
Precautions to be taken while giving your baby a bath:
  • Never leave a child less than 4 years unattended. In case you need to leave the room / bathroom, take the baby with you.
  • Always check the water temperature.
  • One should avoid giving oil massage or bath if the baby has fever or any other illness. Check with your pediatrician and then decide.
  • Please note this type of bath can be given to kids of all age. For kids less than 3 months, do take help or guidance from a trained person and then do it.

Hope the post on how to bathe your baby all by yourself was of help to all you parents.

Bathing you baby on your own is a marvelous experience and a confidence booster for all the moms. Do give it a shot and let us know of your experience in comments.

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