How Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Child’s Progress At School

hearing loss at school

Don’t let hearing loss impact your child’s performance at school

School is where a majority of your child’s social, emotional and intellectual development takes place. Hearing loss can affect progress at this critical time, and possibly result in learning and behavioral problems as early as preschool and kindergarten.

Even children with minimal hearing loss can have problems reading, writing, expressing themselves and interacting with others. They may miss out on instructions given during class, misread conversational cues which lead to a build-up of frustration and fatigue.

Typically by their third or fourth year of school, children with hearing loss struggle to cope with the increasing complexity of language, social interaction and verbal communications. Poor academic performance and communication problems can then feed into low self-esteem or feelings of isolation or depression.

Early intervention can give your child their best chance of being able to attend mainstream schools, develop speech and language skills and lead a confident and satisfying school life. Getting your child tested early; diagnosed and treated for any hearing loss can significantly improve their chances of fully realizing their academic potential.

As a parent, you may naturally be worried about your child’s hearing. Making an appointment with an audiologist or other health professional is advisable as they can test your child’s hearing and prescribe the best course of treatment. If you don’t already have someone to speak to, we can help you connect to a parent who has tackled similar questions before.

If your child is diagnosed with hearing loss, it may be advisable that he or she be fitted with a Cochlear™ implant as soon as possible. Cochlear implants are a good option, especially in the case of severe hearing loss. There may be some difficult decisions you might have to make and early treatment will make the biggest, single difference to your child’s life. It is important to not delay the decisions and take action. Your involvement can play a crucial role in your child’s journey towards hearing and language development. Remember, there isn’t a moment to waste.


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