5 Must-Read Books for your Little Reader from HarperCollins


The world of education drastically changed with the pandemic for both kids and parents. From the traditional classroom environment to online classes, the reading and writing habits too changed quickly for our kids.

Though we parents had to adopt this new normal confined within the walls of our home with our kids, we can still provide quality offline me time for them in terms of physical books, games etc. Anshika being a keen independent reader wanted some books to read and my search for her choice of monthly subscription ended up in i can read books by HarperCollins.

Here in this post, I am sharing with you 5 must-read books for your little reader from HarperCollins in the level 3 category.


5 Books from HarperCollins –  I can Read Level 3 Category

The level 3 books are written for early independent readers and include some challenging words, plots, challenging vocabulary, and stories. Themes include friendship, adventure, historical fiction, and science.

#1. Dolphin

dolphin by harpercollins

Well when it comes to Dolphins, our kids get all excited, don’t they? How about a book that opens a door into the world of dolphins for them?

What the dolphins eat, how they protect themselves from enemies like sharks, killer whales and how they live under the waves are all described in the form of a story in the first 6 months of a baby bottlenose dolphin.

#2. Magic Secrets

magic secrets by harpercollins

I am sure every kid is fond of magic. Anshika loves to try out every magic trick she has watched on Tv.

How about a book that can help our little readers turn into magicians?

Let your kid learn the secrets behind magic tricks and impress friends.  All the tricks are simple to learn like rope tricks, a genie in a bottle, disappearing coins etc.

#3. Wagon Wheels

level 3 i can read harpercollins

Wagon Wheels talks about the journey of a father and 3 sons who have come to Kansas. When the daddy moves on, it’s up to the sons who have to take care of each other and face the dangers of the wilderness. A very exciting read for your kid.

#4. Clara and the Bookwagon


This book is about a little girl Clara and her papa who doesn’t allow her to learn to read since they come from a farming background. One day a traveling book wagon arrives at the farm, the realization her papa has and other emotions everyone goes through is depicted in this book. It is based on the true story of America’s first ‘bookmobile’

#5. The Big Balloon Race

level 3 by harpercollins

The thrills of a young Ariel when she rides in a hydrogen balloon is depicted in the book The Big Balloon Race. The story is based on a real ballooning family of the 1800s.

Carolyn Croll’s pictures capture the pageantry and drama of the race and will have our little ones rooting to the end for Ariel and her mother.

There are many other books in I can read books level 3 of HarperCollins.

There are 3 plans available. You can subscribe to the various plans based on your kid’s reading levels. (image of the 3 plans would be provided)

Here are the steps to understand your child’s reading level and subscribe to the plan.

Step 1: Check your child’s reading level by getting him/her to read the sample pages provided in each subscription pack. Links for sample pages can be found on the respective plan page.

Step 2: Add the subscription of your choice to your cart. Subscriptions available in 3, 6 and 12 months.

Step 3: Complete your purchase.

Step 4: Sit back and enjoy 3 books each month from the comfort of your home.

Hope you enjoy the subscription plans and books as much as my kid does. Start subscribing and happy reading!


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