Handmade Castile Soap for Babies and You


My alarm roared at 5.30 AM , but I snoozed it and slept till 6.15 . Suddenly a rush of blood to my heart , “ I haven’t written a post for today , Oh My “ . Somehow I got up and rushed to the living room . Just after I opened my laptop, Lali got up. Now she wants to play with the keyboard , which I can’t entertain as my post is due for today . Ok now she is sitting next to me , with an apple in her hand and looking for a chance of pressing the keys in between. Today’s post is a review of a handmade castile soap for babies .

You might know how dry my daughter’s skin is . I am in the constant search for a product that could make her skin smooth and supple. It was during that search that this product came up to me . It is a handmade castile soap , made out of olive oil . Castor oil also plays an important role in this soap’s content. Lets see how this soap fared my daughter


  • Cold processed soap
  • High content of glycerin present as a result of saponification
  • Contains pure olive oil and castor oil
  • Cleansing without drying the skin
  • Suitable for babies and kids
  • Suitable for all skin types

PRICE : 90 INR for 80 gms


  1. Doesn’t dry the skin as per the claim
  2. No added colour or fragrance
  3. Moisturises the skin
  4. Leaves the skin squeaky clean
  5. Less lather
  6. Handmade , so free from harsh chemicals

INGREDIENTS : Saponified oils of pure olive , castor, distilled water and lye.


  • As it is made out of pure oils , the soap tends to melt easily . So extra care in keeping the used soap like covering with a cloth or soap drainer to be ensured post usage
  • Though initially Anshika was comfortable using this on face , after a few days , she started crying . I think it stings the eyes.


I used it for Anshika and must say her skin is cleaned leaving behind a moisturised supple skin. I didn’t find any rashes / allergies on her skin . Once you smell the soap , you would get a feel of smelling olive oil and castor oil :). No added fragrance or colour which gets thumps up from me as a mom.

Post usage , I wrap it with a cloth cover to prevent if from melting . So I am quite happy with this soap 🙂

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS ? Absolutely , If you are looking for a handmade chemical and colour free soap for your baby / yourself this castile soap is a must buy ! It stings the eyes, so please refrain from using it on baby’s face.


If you would like to buy this soap , please feel free to get in touch with Waseema , who is a mother of two angels , and is passionate about handmade soaps . She started manufacturing soaps for her daughters and the passion got tranformed to her job , which she enjoys to the core. She runs Bubblesandsqueek, please feel free to visit her page.


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  1. how did i purchase this castile soap,plesae give me reply i want to this soap for my 1 month babyboy

  2. This is the wonderful idea to make baby’s skin chemical free.Can you please tell me how to buy this homemade soap?

    • Sangeetha Menon on

      You are welcome Waseema … I hope you get many more fans of your handmade soaps via Bumps n Baby , and yes keep the spirits up … 🙂

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