9 Popular Baby Gender Prediction Myths and the Truth Behind them


What are some of the popular methods for guessing the baby’s gender? Are these facts or just gender prediction myths?

In this article, let us go through some of the popular old wives’ tales on pregnancy gender prediction. Let us find out the actual facts behind them.

baby gender prediction myths

Boy or girl?

What am I going to have?”- Only one question moves in your mind round the clock once you test positive for pregnancy. Learning or revealing about the gender of the baby is the most exciting part about pregnancy.

While many soon-to-be parents wonder about the question, many leave the answer to be revealed as a surprise. There are always people around you to tell you their views or what they feel whether you wish to know or not. Interestingly, somehow we too have many soothsayers (generally relatives or friends) who swear by age-old tricks for baby’s gender. Be it scientifically related or not. 

Although science doesn’t support myths, the probability is also a part of quantitative science. And, some of the myths actually have the base in science! 

Nine months is a long time to wait, and if you are itching to know if you are having a baby girl or boy,  here are some gender prediction myths that are widely mythicized since the past. We would also try to connect them with science to know whether they are actually true.

Top 9 Gender Prediction Myths and Facts Behind them

Let us see some of the old wives’ tales on predicting the baby’s sex during pregnancy.

pregnancy gender prediction myths

1.The shape of the belly

Many relatives already might have congratulated you on carrying a boy or a girl baby just looking at your belly shape. The discoveries of ultrasound machines were just not meant for them.  

According to old wives’ tales, you are carrying a baby girl if you are carrying the baby “high” while carrying “low” says it’s a boy for you.

Although it seems scientific, there is no scientific base in this. If it worked for you it was purely coincidental. The sex of the baby is not dependent on the shape of mom’s belly. 

Scientifically, the physical appearance of a pregnant lady and the shape of her belly depends on many factors. Generally, a woman carries the baby higher if it’s her first pregnancy because of the strong abdominal muscles that won’t stretch that much. Abdominal muscles get more stretchy with each pregnancy. So if it’s not your first child, you can have a lower belly due to the stretchy abdominal wall. This is just related to stretching and strength of abdominal muscles and not the sex of the baby.

2. Fetal heart rate for predicting baby gender 

Another myth says that your fetal heart rate can determine the gender of your baby. While 120-160 is the normal range of fetal heart rate, it is said that if the usual fetal heart rate is below 140  per minute, it’s a boy. If more than that, say close to 160, it is a girl baby.

Again there is no evidence about the correlation of the fetal heart rate and the gender of the baby. The variations might be due to the age of the fetus and may also depend on the physical and mental well being of the mother. 

3. Food Cravings

You might have watched grannies go happy in the movies when their daughter-in-law is craving savory, salty or spicy foods. This is because, according to the myth, craving salty and spicy food is related to the birth of a baby boy. The old wives’ tale also confirms that if you are craving for sweets while you are pregnant, you are going to have a baby girl.

Here too, it’s a no from science. Food cravings are normal during pregnancy but nowhere related to the sex of the baby. The cravings can be due to many factors like- a heightened sense of smell, hormonal changes, or mineral deficiencies. 

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4. Face glow or oily skin?

If the pregnancy is stealing your beauty giving you oily skin and dull hair, stories say that you are carrying a baby girl.  

If you are carrying a boy, you will have a special glow on your face and lustrous hair.

Really? Science says- No. In fact, they are your hormones and not your baby girl in the womb stealing your beauty.

5. Excessive morning sickness

One of the most popular pieces of folk wisdom says that if you have worse morning sickness, you are carrying a girl and if you don’t feel morning sickness, you are carrying a boy.

Well true in my case, but as said earlier probability is also a science. I am sure many women gave birth to a baby girl and not experienced any morning sickness. 

Morning sickness is common during pregnancy because of hormonal changes and fluctuating blood sugar. So, it is wise to wait before going for baby shopping.

6. Mood swings

Another common claim is that if you are having unpredictable mood swings, it could be as you are carrying a baby girl. 

While the truth is that there are many hormonal changes during pregnancy leading to mood swings.  Mood swings are common in a woman carrying either sex of the baby.

7. Hairy legs – a weird gender prediction myth

Another myth supports that you are carrying a little boy in your womb if the hair on your legs is growing faster. 

The reality check doesn’t support this. In fact, the fetus doesn’t make enough hormones to influence changes in the mother’s body in such a manner.  

8. Ring on a string test – a fun way to predict baby’s sex

Is there anyone here who tried this?

It’s a fun way to predict the gender of the baby.

As the name implies, a ring is tied to the string. Then, hold the string so the ring dangles down over the belly without touching the belly. Let it just hover. If the ring moves in a circular motion, you are going to have a baby boy. If the ring hovers side to side, then it’s a girl for you.

While it’s a harmless fun prediction, there is no scientific evidence supporting the results of rings on a string. (Well, of course!)

9. Drano test – the unsafe gender prediction method

This is also a well-known myth. In this, a pregnant woman’s urine is mixed with Crystal Drano. If the mixture turns dark or brown, it’s a baby boy and you are carrying a baby girl if there is no color change.

This is just a fun way to satisfy your curiosity. There is no scientific base for this. Moreover, it’s best to avoid this way as the fumes of the cleaning solution are intense and toxic to inhale. So, better not to expose yourself and your baby to the risk.

These are the popular 9 baby sex prediction myths since olden days to predict your baby’s gender before birth. Be sure, not to indulge in any of the myths so seriously. They are just myths, not facts. Be aware of facts before blindly following the unscientific methods.

While some of the parents-to-be are still guessing, I strongly believe that some secrets are better to be revealed as the best surprises. Believe your intuitions and positive approach toward life. After all, life is full of surprises. 

Share your pregnancy experiences, the gender prediction myths you came across the most, and all the fun experiences during pregnancy. Keep reading and sharing your valuable experiences and feedback.


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