How To Make Ghee From Store Bought Butter (Plus a Sweet Recipe)
  • Yellow butter, unsalted butter or cooking butter - ½ kg
  1. Keep the butter at room temperature for an hour so that it gets softer.
  2. Cut it into smaller pieces with the help of a ladle or knife. This process may make your hands messy. If you don’t prefer that, you can move to step 3 directly. It will increase your cooking time a little.
  3. Wash the kadai and let it completely dry (very important) so that there is no impurity or water. Transfer the butter to the kadai.
  4. Heat butter on medium flame stirring a little with the ladle until the contents have turned into liquid completely.
  5. Reduce the flame to minimum. The water will start evaporating from the butter causing the liquid to foam and creating a spluttering sound.
  6. The foam will separate out a little and you can see some yellow liquid in the middle. Watch carefully from now on.
  7. The yellow liquid in the middle will turn to a golden brown. Soon, the bubbles will reduce greatly and the spluttering noise will begin to subside. Watch over. When you can hardly hear any spluttering noise and the liquid has turned into golden brown, switch off the flame.
  8. Let it cool. The milk solids would have settled at the top and bottom of the kadai.
  9. Pass the contents through a filter and pour the liquid into the desired container. Your ghee is now ready. It will solidify with time, faster at cool temperatures and slower in the summer. Once it solidifies, it will turn yellow in color.
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