DIY Tiger Mask or Pulikali Mask – Onam Special


Today I present to you a DIY tiger mask or pulikali mask.

Being a Keralite we do miss colorful activities and celebrations back home, but at the same time we celebrate the festival in the same spirit here in gulf.

I and my little one make the pookkalam (flower decoration) on the very first day of Onam. It is one of my favorite festivals as it brings a lot of joy in the household.

This year Onam I had surprised my little one with diy tiger mask which plays an important part in the onam festival.

DIY tiger mask

What is pulikali?

Onam an annual harvest festival is celebrated all over the state of Kerala.

It is believed that to welcome king ‘Mahabali’  people put flowers in front of their house, it is celebrated  in fond memories of Mahabali ruling period.

Another art form performed during Onam is pulikali. Puli means ‘tiger’ and kali means ‘play’.

Pulikali(play of the tiger) is a folk art that is performed for Onam in Kerala. This art form is mainly practiced in Trichur  district where trained artists perform. Pulikali is a display of hunting of tiger by a hunter.

The day before the performance artist paint their belly with bright yellow, red and black stripes in resemblance to the tiger. The artists then come out on the streets and dance to the beats.

A readymade tiger mask is also used to cover the head during the play.

Tiger mask DIY – step by step:

Today we will see as to how to make tiger mask for kids that too in a simple and easy way.

Materials required:

  • Paper plate(whatever size)
  • Glue
  • Rubber band/elastic
  • Water colors
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors


Paint the plate in orange color and let it dry completely. Draw a rough outline of eyes, nose and mouth.

DIY tiger mask DIY tiger mask

Using black paint, highlight the eyes and nose. Paint white color inside the eyes. For the tongue paint red color.

DIY tiger mask DIY tiger mask

For the ears:

In a paper plate draw the ears and cut out the ears using scissors and paste it.

DIY tiger mask DIY tiger mask

Paint the ears using orange color and black color in the center. Draw the stripes with paint in black color and allow it to dry.

DIY tiger mask DIY tiger mask

Using white paint, draw white stripes on the face. Once the white paint is dry cut out the inside portion of the eye using craft knife.

Make a small hole in both the sides of the face. Tie a rubber band to hold on the mask.

DIY tiger mask DIY tiger mask

Tiger mask is ready!

Making face mask for kid is simple and fun filled activity, you can enjoy with your little one.

While doing this activity with your little one, you can explain them about the importance of the festival. They learn a lot  from such activity for example: they come to know about the colors, you can also tell them about animals etc.

And once this mask gets completed they start playing imaginary games as my little one started pretending like a tiger after wearing the mask. This DIY animal mask will be quite useful for kids for preschool activity.

Do try this DIY tiger mask with your little one and do share your ideas and comments.

Wishing everyone a Happy Onam!


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