17 DIY Raksha Bandhan Gifts and Rakhi Ideas that are Thrifty and Easy


The festive season has started with Rakshabandhan coming round the corner. This year it falls on 3rd August that’s no less a week from now. So are you guys geared up for the day? If not, I am here to help with a few DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts and Rakhi ideas that you can try with simple props. 

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts intro

I know this year has been quite overwhelming with unexpected things happening around, but that should not stop us from celebrating festivals that comes once in a year. As it is rightly said, “The Greatness of a culture can be found in its festival.” Let’s lighten up our tough days with simple celebrations this year remembering its significance. On the day of Rakshabandhan sisters of all ages tie an amulet called Rakhi to adorn their brother’s wrist. Brothers promise to protect their sisters from all adversities and ensure to be with her in the journey of life.

My Rakshabandhan Memories

Today as I sat with Rey, making some DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts, I remembered my childhood days of Rakhi with my brother. As we grow up and part ways to different places, we are left with these wonderful memories to embrace. I remember the little me roaming around every nook and cranny just to get the perfect Rakhi for my dearest brother, in return expecting a cute surprise from him. 

Sibling bonds are truly unconditional. No matter how much one fights, you know they are the ones who always have your back. From helping me in my studies, shopping for me, sharing his broken cycle when he got a new one (the break wasn’t working, the tyre had no air and I rightly bumped in between the legs of an uncle from behind, but they are memories to laugh out now), guiding me on everything ( too philosophical at times), I have endless memories to talk about when it comes to my brother. However grown-up we are, I still love to flick his tee and wear them. It gives me a feeling that he is around yet so far.

Let me list down a few things we can do for Rakshabandhan this year with the limitations we have. As I always believe everything starts at home, let’s do everything home and handmade this time.

17 DIY Raksha Bandhan Gifts and Rakhi ideas that are Cheap and Cheerful

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts for your siblings

The best part of Rakhi is a gift, who doesn’t like to be pampered by it (hey that rhymes). I will share a few DIY Rakhi gift ideas that you can try on.

1. Wall hanging

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts wall hangings

It is fun, simple and you can make it with whatever you like. I made a tassel hanging with some pompoms and flowers to it. To hang it I used a branch.  You can do a flower hanging or a hanging with a lot of message cards on it. This can be a sweet DIY Rakhi gift for your sister.

2. Gift a plant

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts plants

What best than an earthy and natural gift. Plants are the best and ideal option for gifts on any occasion. To add to the presentation I used a branch again for hanging and a glass jar to put in the plant. I used a money plant which is the easiest one to be taken care of and to be propagated which means this can stay for a very long time making lots of babies at your dear one’s abode.

3. Picture hanging

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts picture hanging

A super cool idea to cherish the beautiful moments is by looking at your pictures. This will top my list in Rakhi gifts for brothers. 

I have made one using an embroidery hoop. You can add some fairy lights, paper flowers and get as crafty as you can. Trust me this is one of a kind present and is easy to make.

4. Dream catchers

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts dream catcher

Try your hands on simple cute dream catchers which are considered as good luck charms. A hoop, some lace ( you can even use cloth pieces), feathers, handmade flowers, wool, and you are ready to make it. Try making this special Rakshabandhan gift for your loved one.

5. Twig craft

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts twig craft

I made a wish tree with some twigs available. Color a twig or a branch; add your favorite elements to it, some photos or any messages written. This will be perfect décor for any corner of your home or balcony garden. Making and gifting this is surely going to bring a smile.

6. Book with a handmade bookmark

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts bookmarks

Books are my all-time favorite when it comes to gifting. It takes one to different places and introduces many new people. What best during these tough times? Pick up a good book for gifting and to give a personal touch make super cool bookmarks. 

7. Superhero shadow box

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts superhero shadow boxA shadow box is the perfect gift for the day and would be loved by all as it has a place to keep those special collectibles. The aesthetic look of it is worth admiring. Boys might want to treasure their favorite characters while girls would keep their cute Lil barbies and accessories in it. 

Even for grown-ups, this is an ideal gift as they would love to preserve vintage stuff, any accessories, photos, and so on. This DIY superhero shadow box was a fun make. A cardboard box, a printout, and superhero characters did the magic. Compliments are sure to pour in for this gift.

8. Tassel hangings for bags

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts Tassel hangings

Make a tassel hanging for bags with colorful yarns or wool to gift to your sister. To make it more interesting, make tassels to match her outfits. Let her flaunt the handbag in style.

9. Decor accessory

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts decor accessory

This simple accessory can add up to your decor set up. For a car lover, you can gift a car hanging like this with some special message like ‘Drive safe’. This can also be used as a door knocker, match it with your door paint. For any party decor, one can make plenty of these cuties to beautify the space. You can use this in different ways for different purposes. Isn’t that cool? Add that pop of color to everything you make. 😊

10. Handmade cards

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts handmade greeting card

Greeting cards have always been my favorite. Handmade ones are even more special. Get artistic and put in your thoughts in papers to make a beautiful card for your dear one.

You can also try DIY Fridge Magnet – Rakhi Gift for your Tiny Tot’s Sister.

DIY Rakhi for your brother

Everyone is artistic in their own way,  just that you need to put your time and heart to it. What best than a handmade Rakhi for your lovely brothers. I have made a few Rakhis for Rey to tie him on the day of Rakshabandhan saying his cousin sisters have sent them. Try out these simple DIY Rakhi ideas.

11. Pompom Rakhis

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts pompom rakhi

These are my favorite pick from the DIY rakhi list. Rey’s all-time favorite being Mickey, I made a mickey mouse head with wool. Trust me it is super easy. Try making pompoms and you can flaunt it in different styles. I also tried my hands on Winnie the pooh and cupcake Rakhi. Even a bracelet type rakhi can be made with small pompoms.

12. Card Rakhi

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts greetings rakhi

Don’t limit your creativity especially during this time. Try making Rakhi with whatever resources you have. I made a small greeting card and attached the string to it to make a card Rakhi. You can write your messages in it too.

13. Flower Rakhi

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts flower rakhi

There are plenty of DIY flower rakhis that are trending. You can make flowers with foam sheets, paper, buttons, etc. I made one with a red color tissue paper I had (as red being Rey’s fav color).

14. Sticker Rakhis

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts sticker rakhi

If you have any funky stickers at home, you can make use of it. Cut the foam sheet in the shape of your choice and make use of the stickers. Animal, cartoon, smiley, star stickers are all going to look classy and simple. You can also stick them on a small fan-shaped base Rakhi.

15. Beaded Rakhis

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts beads rakhi

This is the simplest of all if you have beads around. You can make use of a broken chain made of beads, or any craft beads if you have at home and put them in a silk thread or any lace. Beads and small pompoms put together can also make a spectacular rakhi.

16. Name Rakhi

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts name rakhi

You can either do this with clay or a foam sheet. This simple and personalized Rakhi will look cool on your brother’s wrist.

17. Photo frame Rakhi

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts photo rakhi

This DIY rakhi will be loved by all and your brother is sure to flaunt it. You can make a little frame with cardboard and put in the picture you would want to and add some décor elements. Attach it to a string and your brother would be amazed by your creativity.

ReadIncredibly Easy DIY Rakhi Ideas for Kids.

Bring in that festive mood amidst this pandemic

DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts decor

Create a festive mood at home.

Bringing the festive mood to our home is much fun and brings in a lot of positivity even during these difficult times.

Sharing the stories with Rey that talk about the history of Rakshabandhan is top on my list. There are a lot of stories you can find to narrate to your little ones. Make them a part of your storytime.

A simple home décor is sure to create the right spark for the festive season. Some colorful cushions and rugs, curtains and mats, some plants, and lights around will get the right ambience.

The next on my list is making some mouthwatering sweets and some special lunch for the day. I have my menu ready and the preparation at my home has already started. The vibes of the festivals bring in so much of joy and liveliness. I am already in the mood☺

Do share with us your memory of Rakshabandhan and how you liked this article on DIY Raksha Bandhan gifts. Tough days this year but the toughness will go with time. Let’s have a beautiful yet simple celebration enlightening the space and people around us.  Stay Positive.


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