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Do you know the one thing that becomes a prime necessity especially post baby? Hygiene. Along with that, there comes a savior too. You guessed it right; our good old wipes!

Blowing nose of your baby, potty cleaning, wiping off your hands, wiping your face and neck to freshen up, clean makeup, stove tops, tiles and what not! I can go on and on about the innumerous uses of wipes 🙂 So when this review of Dettol wipes came to me, I welcomed it wholeheartedly.

Lets see how this Dettol multi-Use wipes fared me.

Claims of Dettol Multi-Use wipes:

Provide protection from germs for your skin and surfaces, at home and on the go. Being pH neutral, the wipes do not interfere with your skin’s natural protection while the emollients moisturize your skin.

Price: 115/- for 30 wipes

Product Description:Dettol-wipes

Dettol Multi-Use wipes come in green and white colored packaging. There is a plastic seal provided on the top intended to retain the moisture of the wipes.

PROS of Dettol Multi-Use wipes:

  • Cleans effectively
  • No strong smell of Dettol
  • Since its multi-use wipes, I can use it for my daughter and home too
  • The moisture content is good in the wipes
  • Compact size, fits into my purse too
  • Travel friendly as the moisture stays intact
  • No skin irritation post the usage of these wipes


A bit expensive, taking into consideration the cost per wipe ie 3.83 rupees per wipe.

My Experience with Dettol Multi-Use wipes:


I had been using the Dettol Multi use wipes for the past one week. I took these wipes during travel for my daughter and myself.

The wipes are so handy as we can sanitize our hands as and when required. Since it is compact and fits well into my purse it’s a must for me when I go out.

I had been cleaning my daughter’s toys, mobiles, remotes etc which are more prone to germ accumulation on an every day basis.

I was a bit hesitant about the wipes from Dettol as I was expecting the strong smell of Dettol liquid in it. But to my surprise the fragrance is not overpowering at all. In fact the smell is so mild and gentle 🙂

It is expensive as the cost per wipe is on the higher side compared to the other leading wipes in the market. But if we consider the multi use feature, this attribute can be negated.

Would I recommend this product? Definitely yes.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5.

If you are planning to buy wipes that are handy, provide germ free protection even on the go with multi use features, Dettol Multi-Use wipes is a must buy.

You can buy Dettol multi-use wipes at Amazon or Flipkart.


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