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Imagine you have a birthday party of your little one to be organised or a baby shower ceremony two weeks from now to be hosted by you. How would your situation be? I am 100% sure that you would be on your toes; running, coordinating and organizing things without proper food or sleep trying to make everything perfect!

At the end of the day, you think of the ones pending on the ‘things to buy’ list or the center decorative piece you couldn’t find in the market even after wandering for the whole day under the sun.

Here we present the magician’s wand that could display a plethora of customized theme party supplies with just a click!!  Yes its Untumble.com one of India’s prominent customized theme party suppliers.

Customized Party Supplies by Untumble.com:

  • Do you wish to know more about Untumble.com just like I did?

Seema and Sunil Tukrel are the founders of Untumble.com. The idea of starting this online venture was conceived when a friend of theirs expressed her difficulty to find decors for their daughter’s Mickey and Minnie themed birthday party. Though the party supplies were found in the markets, she was put off by the low quality and high cost.

Untumble.com was thus born in October 2012 in Coimbatore with a few themes like Krishna, butterfly and a circus elephant. Since then Untumble.com has been the perfect destination to all those who are in search of customized party supplies and quality event management.

Untumble caters to the audience worldwide, but ships only within India. It specializes in customized birthday party supplies.

  • Why the name Untumble?

By its uniqueness and high standards, Untumble help parents to ‘untumble’ their lives by making their party planning memorable.

  • How can Untumble help you?

customized party theme supplies

Untumble can help you by converting your dreams of  little one’s birthday party into reality by offering unique themes and décor party supplies which could be customized according to your needs .

  • Can you tell me about the themes to choose from Untumble for my little one’s birthday?

customised theme party supplies untumble

Jungle theme is by far the most favorite of boys for their birthday parties. Rainbow, underwater and carnival themes are the latest trends. Fairies and Princess themes are designed just for angels. In fact you can choose a variety of themes from the Untumble.com website.

  • What are the steps to order party supplies for my kid’s birthday?
  1. Select your birthday theme and list of products from the themes and party supplies list from the website Untumble.com
  2. Untumble designs the products based on your inputs and send it you for review
  3. Once the designs are finalized the products are manufactured and shipped to you
  • How can I get in touch with Untumble to book for a party coming up?

You can visit the official Untumble.com website. You can also reach out to them via their Facebook page.

Next time when you have a birthday party, baby shower or any other social occasions and wish to have that WOW experience, Untumble.com is the sure shot destination for you.


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