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‘Without mathematics, Earth is just a big zero!’ – goes the dialogue from a cult movie I love.

This particular dialogue garners a lot of appreciation from the audience every time the movie is showcased. But if you ask me I would say studying maths is not that much fun as clapping and whistling for this onscreen dialogue.

Majority of the kids are afraid of this one subject, which is a prerequisite for any future growth, education wise or career wise.

Can we study mathematics minus the fear factor? Can it be taught in a way to equip kids to use the mathematics logics in everyday life rather than just blindly solving the equations? Can mathematics ever be fun?

Finally I found out IT CAN BE!!

Read on to know how.

When the invite of Pythagoras Mathfest – biggest ever mathematics carnival hosted by Cuemath came in, I was excited as this could be an opportunity for me and my daughter to attend her first math fest.

I was really excited to know what was there in store for my 5 year old daughter. She has just started on numerals and addition – so could a mammoth math fest like this cater to her mathematical skills? – I was hesitant.

But the reality blew me away!

Not only me, I am sure every parent who attended the Pythagoras Fest conducted by Cuemath at Bengaluru on 19 Aug 2017 felt the same way.

Highlights of the Pythagoras Fest:

Organized against the backdrop of a mathematical coincidence, the Pythagoras Fest was a treat for all the senses.

These were the main highlights.

  • More than 50 math activities, games and puzzles for the age groups ranging from KG to 8th grade

  • A 17 feet Pythagorean cake was displayed to celebrate the ‘freedom from the fear of math’ which resulted in a lot of happy faces and happy tummies

  • Exclusive giveaways for the kids to boost their morale

The name of the fest was dedicated to the Pythagorean mathematical coincidence of our Independence Day 2017.  This year, our Independence Day15.08.17 is a special date that comes only once in 100 years. It is a Pythagorean Triplet. 15(2) + 8(2)= 17(2).  Amazing right? I never knew this before!!

I reached the venue by 11 am thinking that I would be among the first few who came in as it’s a weekend – only to be proved wrong!

The Cuemath Pythagoras Fest was attended by over 3000+ children along with their parents adding up to a whopping count of 5000 people!

Every participant had to do a free registration to enjoy all the benefits. Upon FREE registration, you receive a file for your kid with the brochure and the activities as per his/her age level.

Activity station for kids of all age groups:

With more than 50 math learning tools to intuitive puzzles and games, this mathematics carnival was thoughtfully designed to make sure that every child (from KG – 8th grade) enjoyed the process of math learning at the event.

Separate activity stations with names were put up by the Cuemath experts and volunteers for the different age groups (from KG – 8th grade). This helped to prevent the overcrowdings at each station and each kid had his share of time for completing the individual activities.

Once a kid enters the station, he/she is guided on how to do the activity in terms of tools, puzzles and games.

Different colored cubes, numbers, stickers, markers, dices, rubber bands, math boards all were used to snatch the attention of kids in every station.

Kids who successfully complete the activity was rewarded a Cuemath card which boosted the confidence in them. My daughter like any other kid there was so much excited about collecting her cards as if it were a collection of treasures.

Activities, games and puzzles:

The key activities included Fraction Hopscotch, Go Bananas, Play with Geometry, Arithmetic Spinner, Maths Jigsaw and Code Decode.

Every activity was designed to challenge the imagination, creativity, thinking and social skills for kids.

Finally the kids were given the opportunity to leave a message about the Pythagoras fest on a big white board. The white board was filled with cute messages from kids and parents all unanimously agreeing to the amount of fun they had while learning mathematics the Cuemath way.

What does Cuemath has in store for you?

Kids learn best when they have fun. That’s the underlying principle of Cuemath – India’s leading home-based, after-school learning program for mathematics.

A curriculum that covers beyond the school syllabus, technology enabled tools and modules, certified teachers and personal attention form the four strong pillars of Cuemath learning system.

If you are a teacher, join Cuemath as a teacher to set up a world class math learning centre right in your living room.

If you are a parent who loves to enroll kids for maths classes and activities, look no further – find a Cuemath centre to enroll your child.

With more than 2000 Cuemath Centres across India in major cities, choose the one in your city to help you/your child become smarter at math – via meaningful engagements.

I am definitely going to enroll my kid in Cuemath.

Are you?


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