Christmas Show and Tell – Best Way to Introduce Christmas to Kids


This Christmas, I wanted to introduce you to a Christmas show and tell.

christmas show and tell

‘Show and tell’ is basically a visual representation of the topic you want to convey to the child. A child can relate much better if the matter is conveyed with the help of pictures, photos, animation and media.

You might have seen kids glued to Cartoons. It is because cartoons can highly influence children – mainly because of the presentation in the form of audio and visual media.

Since Anshika is 3+, I decided to make her introduce to Christmas and its significance. She knows that ‘jingle bells jingle bells..‘ is sung for Christmas, but might not know the other elements associated with Christmas.

Step by step procedure to make Christmas show and tell:

I brought together all the specialities and significance of Christmas – represented in the simple manner even for a kindergarten child to understand. A show and tell chart worked perfectly for my child.

I will share with you the step by step procedure to make a Christmas show and tell for your child too.

Materials required:

christmas show and tell

  • A thick cardboard
  • Printouts of the Christmas elements
  • Decorating stones
  • Sketch pens
  • Glitters, stones and mirrors (optional)
  • Stickers


First get the printouts necessary. Make a mind map on how you want to portray the story – Here I lined the sequence in such a way that month, significance of Christmas and elements were conveyed in the form of pictures.

christmas show and tell

Paste the pictures in the required sequence with the help of glue. Write down the things you wanted to convey to your child for each picture. Make sure to add only simple description for the child to grasp.

christmas show and tell

Connect each description to the picture with the help of sketch lines.

christmas show and tell

Decorate the chart with Christmas stickers – I have used snowman and penguin stickers available with me.

christmas show and tell

Make the chart appealing by decorating it with stones and mirrors. Christmas show and tell is ready for your kid.

christmas show and tell

How I conveyed the significance of Christmas through show and tell?

I kept the show and tell chart in the bedroom where my daughter was sleeping. The moment she woke up and saw the chart, she was pretty excited.

I asked her what does she see. She answered ‘Santaclaus and cow’. It was then I noticed that the manger had a cow too in the photo 😛

I told her ‘it’s Christmas time..’ to which she felt so happy and answered ‘Yay Christmas’

Then I showed her each picture in the chart starting from the month of December, the date on which Christmas is celebrated.

Next to that showed her the birth of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Joseph, shepherds in the manger. I told her Jesus was born not in a castle, but manger where cows ‘moo moo’ and sheeps ‘bey bey’.

She touched the next picture and uttered ‘it’s a baby’, to which I told her ‘its baby Jesus’. ‘Jesus’ – my daughter was introduced to a new word in her dictionary.

I told her it’s so cold in December with my hands held close to my chest – ‘winter’, ‘cold’, ‘snow’ these terms were used by me when I told and showed her about the particular month.

Next came the letter to Santa, which is a beautiful tradition amongst kids. Since she is too small, I didn’t ask her to write, but filled up myself and said ‘its letter from Anshika to Santa…’. She was more excited about the snow man on the letter head instead.

‘It’s a Christmas tree’ she said pointing to the next picture. ‘a star…’ she said touching the top of the Xmas tree.

I told her ‘see Santa Claus comes at night’, ‘How does he come’, my daughter replied ‘on a cycle!’.. I corrected her ‘Yay Santa Claus comes on a reindeer sleigh’ …

A Santa Claus holding gifts and presents were depicted next.. and I told her ‘Santa is coming to give you a gift on Christmas eve’.. to which she touched the picture of the gift and replied ‘Muje bhi gift chahiye’ (I need a gift too).

Next I told her the way Santa Claus wishes ‘ HO HO HO Happy Christmas’ .. My child was the happiest uttering ‘ho ho ho.. Happy Christmas’.

I was very happy that a simple handmade chart was so effective to convey the festive spirit of Christmas, its significance and happiness to my child.

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Do try this Christmas show and tell for your kid this Christmas and let me know in comments how it turned out with your kiddo. I am sure your kid would love it.

Happy Christmas!


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