Child Sex Abuse – 8 Things To Tell Your Child About Being Sexually Safe


IB Times report says India stands second in Child Sex Abuse reports (boys and girls equally) after South Africa.

We call ourselves a multi-dimensional, developing, agricultural, IT, democratic country…but are we really growing? With the corruption mounting to big numbers, so, are these appalling acts.

child sex abuse

Come parenthood and our priorities take a whooping change. It is natural for us parents to be concerned about our children’s health and safety. In fact, it appears to be the most imperative on our check list with the mounting concerns of failed security measures.

One of the monstrous and heinous acts so prevalent in our society is child abuse. Be it sexual, physical, emotional or psychological, it is extremely rampant.

The skating instructor of a very renowned school of India was arrested for sexually molesting a six year old girl. Even the Chairperson was arrested for destroying the evidence regarding this incident just to protect the reputation of the school. How can such people call themselves educationists?

12 year old girl, Naina, got beaten up almost daily by her mother, who was our maid. The reason she threw light upon was the weak financial conditions at home.

Why do children bear the brunt of poor economic conditions in the family? Blame their destiny to be born in such families. Why these little innocent souls become our punching bag?

Constantly mocking and criticizing a child, calling them names and making them feel worthless, insulting them especially in others’ presence, shouting and threatening them with serious consequences, not giving them the feel and touch of love can have an adverse effect on children at a later stage.

Why are we emotionally abusing our own extensions?

This article highlights on Child Sex Abuse.

Parents get a lot of advice and suggestions on various chapters of their kids’ life but child sex abuse is something which isn’t openly talked about neither in the family nor in the open. Why is such a major and sensitive topic done under covers? Come let us open up, spread a positive consciousness within our circle and be aware of the crime which usually gets subdued owing to the shame it brings about to the victim and his / her family.

Child sex abuse can be defined as sexually touching or caressing the body – bared or covered, encouraging the child to participate in erotical activities like prostitution or pornography, forcing the child to strip, hurting them by penetration which can be rape or through other foreign objects.

Signs and symptoms of child sex abuse:

  • Withdrawing themselves from certain people or avoiding alone times with them
  • Showing signs of fear on seeing them or getting uncomfortable in their presence even in a crowd
  • Aggression, anger
  • Depression
  • Rebellious
  • Displaying sexual touches and unusual excitement on watching intimate images or movie scenes, inappropriate considering their young age
  • Increase in the frequency of going to the toilet
  • Walking uneasiness
  • Infection or swelling in the genital areas

8 Things to tell your child about being sexually safe:

These can be done as early as possible – start by the age of 2 .

#1. Let them know about the private parts

Begin in a very lucid language and keep it brief.

Let them know that certain body parts which are covered by bloomer, knicker, swimsuit etc are private and nobody should touch them except mummy or daddy while taking bath or cleaning.

Even the doctor may touch but always in the presence of mummy or daddy.

#2. Ask them not to keep secrets

Develop a friendly relationship with your kids. Let them be always aware of the fact that no matter what, you are always there to support and help them.

#3. Teach the names of their body parts and genitals

Stop addressing their genital areas by uncanny baby names.

#4. Make them aware about good, loving touch and bad, improper touch

Give them age fitting examples from daily life. No third person should forcibly caress them and that child should inform about such inappropriate acts.

#5. Teach them to say NO if they don’t like something

Practice the art of refusing something yourself in the presence of your children so that they learn from since you are their role models.

#6. Make them respect and be aware of their private areas

Educate your little girls to set their frocks and skirts straight while sitting and standing. Similarly even the young boys should know not to go around naked. This way they will realize and respect their private areas right from an early age.

#7. Make your children bold enough to speak out

There is no harm in screaming or shouting or crying. They should never be afraid of sharing things with their near and dear ones.

#8. Train your children not to get lured by things from strangers

Kids should ask their parents’ permission before they accept fancy gifts and chocolates from strangers. Tutor them on safety rules and regulations by citing examples and showing them illustrative educating videos or documentaries.

Parental measures to avoid child sex abuse:

  • Make sure you always welcome your child with open arms and an affectionate smile when they want to come to you. Never break your promises. Build a trusting relationship with them and understand them from their perspectives.
  • Indulge in daily / weekly sharing activities which involve doing a lot of stuff together. Be it playing, dusting, gardening, baking, painting etc. This strengthens the bond with your kids. Even family chit-chat sessions are also a means to be closer to them.
  • Never over-power their privacy with strict dominance but do it in a diplomatic way. Give them their own space and freedom to do things by themselves.
  • Always keep a check on your guests and other visitors who come on daily basis and their behavior towards your kids. Sometimes the friendliest of all turns out to be the most treacherous.
  • Don’t send your kids too much with just one person or don’t get swayed away if they insist on taking your child. Especially single parent, watch out for such pretty eyes in disguise.
  • Have faith and belief in your children. Never rule out their thoughts and opinions in any field. Make them feel wanted, important and consider their existence in the house.
  • Never – ever abuse your child’s physique and make them feel low about their own body or face. Assure them that they are beautiful and very special.
  • Keep an eye on their TV shows, games and internet usage. Sit and watch their kiddy shows. Display that you equally love their favorites too.
  • Supervise their actions, words and deeds. Advice them when they are wrong in a soothing and friendly manner instead on relying on rough slang steps.
  • Lastly, love, appreciate and encourage them whole heartedly. Don’t insult them. Nothing can replace genuine emotions and feelings.

Dear parents, please share your ideas and opinions on awareness for child sex abuse. There are many who have been victims of child sexual abuse and need a lot help, support and assistance.

Spreading awareness and facilitating these young innocent souls to speak out is the greatest medium to eradicate this atrocious act.

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