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It has been 3 years since Bumps n Baby decided to be a part of your life with intention of helping and supporting mommies. It started when one mom realized that her experiences could help other moms.

A new mom has a million questions and Bumps n Baby has become a trusted adviser of sorts to lots of moms around. You have find everything about babies, mom care, recipes, reviews, diet charts and everything you need for hassle free parenting. In short you can find all about the ‘A to Z of motherhood’.

Apart from sharing advice, it has also become a forum where moms can voice their doubts and concerns and get answers.

We here at Bumps n Baby were enamored by the love and support we have been getting from all our dear subscribers. So we decided to give you something more. We believe that parenting shouldn’t be difficult and so our mission is to simplify parenting phase of moms all around the world. So we decided to take a leap and give you something more that will help strengthen our bond even more.

Presenting www.bumpsnbaby.in the e-commerce wing of your trusted blog Bumps n Baby.

bumps n baby online store

Bumps n Baby – How the online store was born

It all started when our founder Sangeetha, decided to order something for her little one from an e-commerce website. But appalled by the service she got, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Thus the e-commerce wing of Bumps n Baby was born with a promise of timely delivery of products that are of superlative quality and competitive prices.

About the store

Bumps n Baby is an online store for babies and kids. Actually not just babies and kids, we have products for mommies too, as we know that you too, need a bit of love and care.

We have baby food, dresses for your little ones, baby care products, products for moms and recipe e-books. But we have no intention of stopping here. We know that you deserve the best of everything, so we will be adding some items really soon.

What’s in store for you?

As mentioned earlier we have got baby food, kids clothes, baby care, e-book, herbal products, Himalaya baby products and baby accessories (the list is growing).

As you know we have been staunch believers that home cooked food is the best. But at times staying alone in nuclear families, moms are unable to make health mixes for their little ones. So we did a little research and found some amazing products from Manna which are on sale at the store. They are free from artificial colors, preservatives, flavors and FSSAI certified.

Take a look at the yummy and healthy baby food on sale at the store here.

Food, clothes and shelter are essentials. You are there to provide the shelter, food and clothes are two things we can help you with. We have already spoken about the food aspect, next let us look at the other essential- clothes. We have clothes for kids starting from 6 months till 3 years.

We have got baby care products from trusted brands like Nasobuddy and Himalaya. The focus was on getting natural products that have earned the trust of parents around the world.

What should we have for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner? The question that all moms dread. Not anymore! We have some amazing e-books that will give you the answers to the question above. They have been well- received by moms who say that they don’t dread mealtimes anymore. Don’t worry moms, we have you covered from breakfast to dinner.

We know that you need a little TLC. So we have our own herbal hair wash powder and herbal bath powder for you. They are a 100% natural and the best part about them is that they are absolutely safe! So let’s go the natural way and pamper your skin with these natural products. You can buy them here.

We have some amazing baby accessories too. Moms need a trustworthy diaper bag, right? Something that looks good and holds all the essentials of your baby. We have a solution for that too – The Reebaby diaper bag. What’s a good diaper bag without a good bottle? We know the importance of having a good milk bottle. So we have the Reebaby anti-colic bottle. It is a fabulous bottle as its design prevents breakage and also prevents air mixing with the milk while feeding. That means your baby is not colicky.

Want one? You can get one here.

That’s not all, this is just a start, we are adding more of such amazing products that you are sure to love.

Advantages of buying from Bumps n Baby

You may be wondering, there are so many sites out there, so why should I shop at Bumps n Baby?

A mom wants only the best for her baby, so that’s what you get! You can rest assured that the products are of the best quality and best price. You can rest assured that you will receive the best customer service.

You can sit at home and order the products and we will ship them to you, wherever you are. Yes, a lot of moms say that they don’t get certain products where they stay. Not anymore, because you can always place an order and get the product you want, right at your doorstep.

Apart from the hassle free shopping experience we also offer easy returns.

To know more, you can refer to the frequently asked questions here.

In short, we are all set to make Bumps n baby a leading mom & kid site and pamper you with the best of the best.

If you are a mom who wants quality products for your little munchkin and wouldn’t mind a bit of pampering yourself, then Bumps n Baby is the place to be.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your wallets, check out our amazing products and fill your shopping carts. You do that and leave the rest to us.


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