10 Benefits of Pets for Children You Didn’t Know About


Are pets good for children?

Do you love to see pictures of children and their pets but wonder whether it will work for you?

Has your little one been pestering you for a pet?benefits of pets for children

If yes, then read on to see how a pet can be a good and positive influence on your child.

For me, the best part of my day is when I see my little one playing with my pet dog, Bubbles. As the name suggests, she is a bubbly and adorable Labrador.

Sometimes my energy levels fall short of her requirements. She can play and play and play and never grow tired. I was finding it difficult to catch up, but finally she has found her match in my daughter.

You may say that I am partial, but trust me when I say, having a pet is good for your child.

But I don’t have a pet!

Whether you love pets, are a pet owner or are planning to get one, you should read this. You will be amazed by what all good a pet can offer to your child, and all it asks for in return is some love.

For all you know, by the time you finish reading this you might end up giving in to your little one’s demand for a new furry/ 4 legged/ gilled friend.

10 Beautiful benefits of pets for children:

Pets are good for everyone but this post is all about benefits of pets for children. Children who grow up with pets learn a lot, without them ever realizing it.

Believe it or not having a pet will help in a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

#1. First friend

Your pet would be the first friend your child makes, if you have a pet when your child is born.

Don’t be surprised if your child treats your pet as his/her closest confidante. This is because, unlike other adults at home, they never stop kids from doing anything ‘fun’. They can even become the best friend too, because they know how to keep a secret and are non-judgmental.

#2. Reduces risk of allergies

Unlike earlier days, we now stay in a bubble.

We sanitize our hands a million times and won’t even be caught dead without our footwear. This has lessened our exposure to germs, which also means that the slightest exposure makes you sick. But early exposure to pets can be beneficial as they help in boosting your child’s immunity thus bringing down visits to the doctor drastically.

#3. Responsibility

You can start by giving small chores that are age appropriate for the kid. At home my 1 ½ year old is now in charge of giving my pet, her biscuits in the morning. I take out the biscuits required and give them one at a time.

Kids older than 10 can take out pets for a walk, feed them etc. Make sure to supervise younger kids.

#4. Values

While interacting and taking care of the pet, they learn how to be better human beings. How so?They become kind, gentle and empathetic.

This leads to better relationships within the family.

#5. Good caregivers

They can learn about the basic requirements of living beings. He/she learns how water, food and a good shelter is essential. Not just that they will be better equipped to care for their younger one, if and when they join the family.

#6. Helps in learning

Did you know that therapy animals are used to help children with certain disabilities, learn?

Reading out loud or practicing rhymes in front of them helps in turning your little one confident. Thus it boosts their self-esteem.

#7. Exercise

Most moms complain that their kids are addicted to television and mobile phones. So if you want your child to get out, then get a pet.

Playing with the pet ensures that the child remains healthy and active and thus you don’t have to worry about obesity. My little one loves to play fetch with our pet dog.

#8. Help make friends

Some kids are shy. While they are not opposed to the idea of making friends, they find it difficult to approach other kids and make friends. In such cases, having a pet helps, as it’s a great ice breaker.

During our daily walks, a lot of older kids walk up to pet our dog, now all of them say hi to my little one too. Now she too has learnt to greet her new friends.

Having a pet can also make your kid more social, remember how I said that how a pet helps in boosting your child’s self–esteem and confidence?

#9. Stress relief

This is something that you need to experience first-hand and having done that, let me tell you- It works!! Spending time with your pets can bring down your stress levels.

Now you may ask, “What stress do children have?” Well they do have their own problems, and while they may not want to tell you everything, they will most definitely run to their pet. Not just that the time they spend with the pet playing also helps to keep them happy and thus keeps them positively charged.

#10. Helps them learn with losses

Unfortunately, pets don’t live long to celebrate your every milestone. Thus making the kids understand a very inevitable stage of life – Death. It won’t be easy but as parents you should help them deal with the pain.

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Now you know why having a pet is good for your child and the benefits of pets for children. Actually it’s not just good for them but also for the whole family.

But I am sure you still have many doubts! Do not worry, keep watching this space for more articles on pets. Till then send us your views and doubts in the comments.


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