How Acupressure Can Help Your Baby – Sharing My Experience


acupressure can help your baby

This post is about how Accupressure can help your baby . After a long-tiring day, what do we crave for???

Going to a Spa, getting those wonderful soothing massages and facials…..ohhh heaven….though this seems to be a distant idea after becoming mommies but yes they are equally important to get us rejuvenated. For me, my hubby and mommy come to my rescue in this aspect. They can be termed “Professional Masseurs” as they are very good with their fingers and pressure application. I am slowly getting trained under my Gurus and my so-called clients (read – husband, mother, brother and of course Jianna) have got its benefits 😛

Yesterday, was a casual day with no changes in our daily routine.  Jianna was absolutely fine throughout and also slept at her normal schedule. But in half an hour she got up crying, I fed her for 5 minutes and she soon went off to sleep, again after half an hour she got up crying, I followed the same procedure and she slept well until 3 am.  I could see that she had certain kind of uneasiness which constantly led to changing her sleeping positions and then finally started crying. I tried breast-feeding but she pulled herself away from me which was in a way extremely shocking.

I was unsure of what was disturbing her so much –was it some dream, some indigestion issue, insect bite, is she hot or cold, is the bed making her uncomfortable????? So many questions with zero answers. My mind was running frantically fast and the 1st thing I did was to remove the full sleeved night-dress worn over her sleeveless little frock, I checked her pants whether anything is hurting her underneath and the bed too but found nothing.

Jianna kept on crying and by then I had started feeling all the more nervous. My mother was sleeping in another room after a day’s tiring work and hubby comes only on weekends. I was all alone in my room. I started praying and soon within seconds of my nervousness, the thing which striked was to give acupressure to her toes and soles. As soon as I did this for few minutes, to God’s grace it was the saving device….she turned and slept well. I watched over for 15 minutes, continuously patting her back but she slept well throughout without getting up even once.

How Acupressure can help your baby ?

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese method for curing pains, gastric problems, cold, coughs, fever and very importantly it calms down nervous system encouraging good sleep. The pressure application techniques don’t need a formal training unless the illness is at an acute level and requires help from the professionals and specialists.

The areas where acupressure can be applied are – the centre and ends of the forehead for sound sleep, the sides of both the nostrils when your baby is suffering from cold, finger-tips for fever, palms for pains,  toes and soles for calming the nervous system as well as gastric troubles or stomach-ache.

Keep in mind about the amount of pressure applied because your babies won’t allow if there is any discomfort or pain. Be gentle and loving.  Acupressure on daily basis is a good practice and must be done at the right time and when your baby is in good moods. It can be turned to a play added with humming and tickling 😉 😉

Hope you liked my article on how acupressure can help your baby. So, next time when your baby cries with reasons you are unable to understand, try these relaxation techniques…. It might work wonders 🙂


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    • Hello Priya,
      Thank u. All it requires is a gentle press with your fingers (usually with your thumb and index) on the areas mentioned in the article, just be careful about the pressure application. There is nothing like a Mother’s touch, your baby will love it 🙂

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