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Hello Mamma/ Papa,

Congratulations on being a parent, the most demanding responsibility in this whole wide world. A job with no handy instructions nor a manual to guide you. This is a job all the living beings have done from the day life started propagation on Earth and yet sometimes we are clueless. Ages of parenting experience and wisdom passed on down the generations don’t work always as the world is so dynamic and parenting is also evolving.

So how do we parent in this new era? How do we raise healthy mindful kids in this ever-changing world?

Worry not!! Here I am to guide you.

I am Sangeetha Menon, founder of this blog Bumps n Baby. This happy place of mine is a community for moms to share and learn about this amazing journey called parenting. Through this blog, I bring in front of you, experience, and wisdom from moms just like you. Here we support and help you to raise your kids and simplify parenting.

An Electrical and Electronics Engineer by qualification, I found my passion for blogging when motherhood came calling. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, I quit my job as a Business Technologist to be a full-time blogger at Bumps n Baby. You can read about my journey from a Corporate woman to a Professional Parenting Blogger.

Started as a blog for sharing my experience of motherhood, eventually, my blog welcomed a team of moms across Indian on board to share their own experiences because I felt parenting cannot be described just from one person’s point of view or experience.

Today we are a team of enthusiastic moms sharing tips on pregnancy and postpartum care, nutrition and kid-friendly recipes, childcare, home remedies, product recommendations, fitness, lifestyle, work-life balance, and much more to make it easy for newbie parents.

Awards, Accolades, and Media Mentions

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If you wish to contact me for the media kit, write a review for any product, recommend products or share with me the adventures of your little one don’t hesitate to drop a message to sangeetha@bumpsnbaby.com or via our contact form.

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Happy Parenting !!!

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