The Top 7 Diaper Myths Busted


Among all inventions in the baby care industry, I think diapers are the biggest boon for new age parents like us. These days a parent can have a number of options when it comes to diapers for their baby – be it any size, color, print, material or type.

In this post, let’s see the common myths about diapers and the myth busters in detail.

7 Diaper myths debunked:

There are a lot of myths amongst mothers about the right choice and the usage of diapers. Let’s see one by one what they are.

Myth #1. Diapers can shrink the baby’s waist

This one takes me back to the time when Anshika was born. The guests who had come to see Anshika, bursted out in anger at the very glance of my diaper worn daughter.

‘Don’t you know that diapers can shrink the size of baby’s waist? That’s why you have to resort to clothes. We had used it for our child and now his waist is like this (demonstrating the gesture with both hands spread far wide about 34 inch waist)’, proclaimed an elderly woman.

That’s the height of foolishness and myth we are subjected to in our daily lives when it comes to diaper for babies.

Reality : Diapers even if disposable never can shrink the waist size of a baby. The size of the waist and diapers have no relation at all.

Myth #2. Usage of diapers cause rash

Diapers are mainly discouraged due to this myth. It is believed that usage of diapers always results in diaper rashes in babies which is not the case in reality.

Reality: Diapers be it any type cloth or disposables, will never cause rashes when changed within the stipulated time of 2 to 3 hours. Even if the baby hasn’t pooped in the diaper, its essential to change it after 3 hours.

Myth #3. Choose a bigger size diaper to avoid rashes

Often we are asked to choose a diaper which is one size bigger for your baby. It is believed to prevent diaper rashes as the over sized diaper would be loose for baby.

Reality: Diapers just like any clothes should be well fitted. A well fitted diaper prevents leakage and provides comfort to the baby. Hence its important to go for the diaper sizes as per the waist size or weight of your baby.

Myth #4. You can use the same brand of diaper as recommended by your neighbor or friend

As a new parent, we often get confused on the various diaper brands in the market. Our friends and neighbors or well wishers can recommend the diaper brands as used by them for their babies.

Reality: A diaper brand that worked for one baby might not suit another. Initially you really need to explore and find out which brand suits your child and continue using it. There is no harm in accepting the recommendations though.

Myth #5. Even if my baby poops, it’s not necessary to change the diaper, absorbency works well!

This is a common scene in various occasions.

Reality: If a baby poops in a diaper, it is VERY IMPORTANT to change it as soon as possible. This is applicable to cloth diapers as well.

Just because the absorbency of diapers work well, we can’t ignore the negative effects here. Soiled wet diapers can speed up the urinary tract infection and rashes in babies.

If source of water is not available, you can clean up the baby using wet wipes and put on a fresh diaper.

Myth #6. Diapers are uncomfortable

Some people believe that diapers are uncomfortable for babies and hence should be discouraged.

Reality: If chosen the correct size and worn properly for a stipulated time, a diaper can never be uncomfortable for a baby. On the other hand, it can really be irritating for the baby if the diaper is heavy and unchanged even after being put on for 5 to 6 hours.

Myth #7. A diaper that doesn’t leak is the best diaper

pampers dry pants

This is the biggest myth when it comes to choosing diapers for your baby.

We always feel happy when the diaper we have chosen doesn’t leak and remains intact for our baby. We consider it as the best for your baby.

Reality: A diaper might not leak. But that doesn’t mean that it is dry from inside too.

A diaper should keep the baby bottom dry. Most of the diapers promise 0% leakage, but that doesn’t mean it could be comfortable for your baby.

Pampers Dry Pants assure the dryness on the inside for about 12 hours; thanks to the magic gel which locks the wetness.

Pampers is the only brand I trust when it comes to my daughter. When she started crawling, I invested in pampers dry pants and was never ever disappointed. The best part is that the used diapers can be removed by tearing off the ends which prevents a lot of mess especially when she poops in it.

As I mentioned before, just because I recommend it doesn’t mean that it might suit your baby. Please try this for your baby and see if it suits him or her.

Enjoy the Dry baby, happy baby moments as promised by Pampers!


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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Hi Sangeeta,
    Good article as usual.I also tried different diapers and found that pampers and poko pants suits my 1 year old son. But regarding changing of diapers …..I would like to know that even during the night time should the diapers be changed in 4-5 hrs as it disturbs the baby’s sleep???

    • Naghma,

      If the baby is fine throughout the night, do not disturb him by changing the diaper. If he starts crying at midnight, check for the wet diaper and change accordingly.

  2. As you said, yes a lot of research is needed to check which brand suits the baby. I had tried 2-3 brands and found pampers and mamy poko pants best. Nice article .

  3. Hi sangee,
    Good write up.loved the tweet quotes .even I choose pampers dry pants for rithvik’s night time sleep.its best 🙂

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